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03-30-2018 1:27:56 PM EST
MANAGEMENT CORNER Well, it’s that time of year again. Many of you will be leaving us this week or the next. You need to let the office know you are leaving for security reasons, so we know which homes should NOT be occupied. Also, if you are giving permission to your neighbor to park in the driveway of your home it needs to be in writing and filed with the office. As spring break is still in the works, a reminder to register ALL guests; only registered guests are allowed to use the facilities, including the pool. We had an interesting experience some time ago that we were recently reminded of, in a similar manner. While traveling on College Avenue (674) to Sun City Center a vehicle pulled up next to us at the lights. It was driven by a young man who had the windows open and the “music” blaring. As he pulled away from the light, quite swiftly, there it was; a Chulavista Landings decal in the back window. We recognized the vehicle as one that a resident had traded for a newer model. So, we are again asking that when you trade or sell a vehicle please make sure that the decal is removed. Any reputable dealer will do this if you ask them to, especially if you explain why. We would not want a non-resident to be mistaken for a resident’s guest, with a bad outcome. The annual Notice of Lot Rental Amount has been sent out. There are few changes this year. It was addressed to the residence that you occupied as of the mailing, and that may have been here and now is not, so some of you will have it forwarded to your northern addresses. In case anyone missed them, we have had two older homes removed recently, and one has a new home already on it, just awaiting setup. There is also a third in the works! As well as those, we are seeing some older homes being thoroughly renovated to look like new. It is exciting to see the updating that is taking place, in either way; it all contributes to the beautification of our community. Managers corner April 2018 As the season comes to a close, we wish to thank all of you for everything you do to make our community the wonderful place that it is. From hosting events to teaching others about your special talent, all of your efforts are appreciated. We may have our share of problems, but every family has those, and we ARE a family, after all. Please, stay well and have a safe trip north. God Bless you all. Gail and Chuck

03-28-2018 8:51:57 PM EST
Reminder. Don't forget your Luau. Tickets April 6th $10. Each snacks included. Cut off is April 1st

03-28-2018 6:52:15 PM EST
One more Ramona update: I plan to bring her home Saturday afternoon 3/31. She will be participating in home therapy for up to 4 weeks, so I guess we will be around for a while. I am just glad to get her back home. Thank all of you again for your prayers, cards, concern. We both certainly appreciate it.

03-27-2018 9:20:05 AM EST
Thank you for the full pic of Lucky!! We could only see his front half in the culvert! Good to see him get around. Hope he stays close to home for awhile.

John Le Bouthillier
03-25-2018 2:58:00 PM EST

new friend seen at the Chulavista marina

John Le Bouthillier
03-25-2018 2:54:08 PM EST

Look at our new friend seen taking the sun at the marina today.

03-24-2018 10:58:01 PM EST
Another Ramona update. She is doing well, and was moved yesterday to a 4 bed room, however, she is the only one in the room, so she went from a quite crowded room to a room with a whole lot of space. She has windows on 2 + sides, can look out the windows, and being next to the helicopter pads, can hear and see them come and go. I took her outside in a wheel chair for about 1 hour today, sat by the river across from the convention center, watched the many boats and birds. Again, thank all of you for your concerns, prayers, etc. She is doing fairly well, and a nurse told me she will walk out without a walker. We will see.

03-24-2018 7:42:08 AM EST
Thank you to those who have dropped off food lately. The food drive will kick in on Monday. For those packing up to go home, don’t forget about donations. We deliver to Mary Martha House next Tuesday. This is a women’s shelter in our area that provides for thirty women and their children. I will pick up on Friday morning donations left at end of your driveway in a bag or box. You can also bring them here. A table will be set in the carport or you can leave them on our front deck. 1863 Gangway Loop. Thank you.

03-21-2018 9:21:16 AM EST
Further Update on Ramona. They (Rehab Center) requested I let people know that if they were going to visit her, it be after 5:00 P.M. They don't want me there until after noon. She has a roommate (blind lady), so there is not a whole lot of room. Her room number is 407-1. She probably will be quite tired out after all the rehab. Cookie

sue j
03-20-2018 9:04:12 PM EST
thanks for the update Cookie. I sure she will do well.

03-20-2018 8:32:15 PM EST
Update on Ramona. She was moved to the Rehab Section of Tampa General Hospital today. She is doing well, however, the real work now begins. She will be there for 10-14 days, and will be doing rehab about 3 hours per day. It is hoped that when she is finished, she will be able to walk out of there without a walker. Again, thank you all very much. Cookie

03-18-2018 7:57:37 AM EST
A big, sincere "thank you" to the many residents in Chula Vista for their help in getting Ramona on her way to the hospital last Thurs. night. She had fallen and broken her femur bone in her right leg. Thanks especially to Larry Henry, who chased down the ambulance. Also to Larry and Lillie, and Lynn and Sue for their support for me in the emergency room. She had surgery Friday afternoon, and was able to walk about 25' Saturday afternoon--with a walker. We hope she may be transferred to a rehab center Monday, where she will probably be for about a week. Thank all of you also for your visits, calls, prayers, and concerns. it is sincerely appreciated.-- Cookie

03-16-2018 5:40:08 PM EST
Reminder. Dance Tonite St Patrick's Day Dance with Taylor and Taylor. See you there

03-11-2018 8:51:09 PM EST
So very sorry to hear of your loss. May he Rest In Peace

Renee Sammons
03-10-2018 6:59:03 PM EST
So sorry for your Loss Jim and Gwen you’re in my prayers and thoughts 🙏🏼❤️

sue j
03-10-2018 2:50:13 PM EST
sorry to hear of your son's passing Jim. Prayers and condolences coming your way.

james mccallister
03-10-2018 1:37:54 PM EST
My son pat died this morning from a massive heart attack

Suzanne Sigler
03-09-2018 9:50:23 PM EST

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Renee Sammons
03-09-2018 5:16:18 PM EST
Thank you Dale now the one in my bathroom will Be right! Lol

Dale Kittle
03-06-2018 11:19:37 PM EST
Daylight Saving Time 2018 starts this Sunday, March 11, 2018. Good, the clock in my truck will be right again.

03-06-2018 8:56:11 PM EST
St Patrick's day Dance March 16th 7-10 pm. With Taylor and Taylor $5. Per person at the door

03-06-2018 8:53:12 PM EST
Reminder. Potluck dinner March 7th 5 pm Bring a dish to pass and your own table service

Gail and Chuck
03-06-2018 4:27:42 PM EST
Just a reminder: we have a list of recommended and NOT recommended repair, sales, etc. in the office. PLEASE call, email, or personally ask before you contract with ANYONE. This is too ensure that the company is reputable and reliable, and purely for your benefit.

03-05-2018 11:37:06 AM EST
Thank you, Kathy, for the information. Volunteer residents used to pick up newspapers when the elementary school had the recycling, but we didn't know where to take them when they stopped. Thank you!

Kathy Drake
03-05-2018 9:06:34 AM EST
For everyone's information, we like to recycle & found out they have a place across from the library that has a big bin to recycle your newspapers, boxes etc! Every little bit helps!

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