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sue j
08-19-2010 2:07:51 PM EST
Renee could you send me the registration. we are at the lake now and i'm away from my regular computer so don't want to use the one here to register. i'll do the one mile walk. thanks again. keep smiling

Renee Sammons
08-18-2010 6:32:44 PM EST
Repost to correct spelling: I ask Gail to see if we could use the Chulavista name and she ask Dave Marger Managing Partner of Chulavista to sponsor a team for the Arthritis Foundation. Dec. 10 Friday 5k run/walk or 1 mile run/walk. He said Yes. Thank You Park Owners. If you would like to join us walking, It is a $25.00 donation, You will receive a commemorative long sleeve t-shirt along with Jingle Bells logo, plus bells and laces for your shoes + more... I put a button at the bottom of the page menu for more information. We are team Team Captain Renee Sammons. Thank You as you know this foundation is near and dear to my heart, ya'll come join us, Have fun and make an impact for the fight against all 100+ kinds of arthritis! any questions see Renee

Renee Sammons
08-18-2010 6:30:00 PM EST
Repost to correct spelling: I am typing the phone book now along with Carol Simmons has offered to help type. I will take her up on it since I lost 1/3 the book on the old Rec. hall computer. (It died) I had it on floppy disk but when we put it on Gail’s computer it said FILE CROUPT! So I am retyping it all from the beginning!. I may be calling you to double check the information. We will be typing Aug. & Sept. We will be PRINTING Oct the first 2 weeks and then getting them out to the people. PLEASE NOTE ANY UP DATES, CHANGES OR CORRECTIONS WILL BE PRINTED IN THE CHULAVISTA CHATTINGS this winter and a place will be for you to write updates in your Book. We are going to run the book from Oct 2010- Sept 2011 that way you will have it for the winter activities season. Thank Renee

08-18-2010 6:13:14 PM EST
Sue J, Yes I would love for you to join the team before Dec. 1st it is $25.00. After Dec. 1st it is $30.00. You can join up to the time of 5:00pm check in. The walk run is on Dec. 10th. So It is up to you, do it now online or later I have the forms If you want me to mail it to you or wait untill you get here. Thanks Renee

sue j
08-18-2010 1:59:35 PM EST
Renee i want to join the team can i do it when we get down there. it will be a good test for my new knee. take care.

sue j
08-16-2010 2:52:38 PM EST
so sorry to hear about thorney and barb. sure hope he recovers quickly. good news about his so also. please keep us up to date on the happenings. take care all. we are at the campground this week so are doing a lot of fishing. so far the fish are not cooperating but there is always tomorrow. i'm going to help out at a 5 k fun on saturday. not sure what i will be doing but am getting trained friday. bye for now.

carol simmons
08-16-2010 8:23:15 AM EST
Thorney fell and broke his leg. He's now at Palm Gardens recouperating. Pray for them both--Barb is worn out with trying to be with Thorney as much as possible. His son, Bob had a successful lung transplant.

08-15-2010 2:37:47 PM EST
Heard Dottie had total knee done a lot to it I am not sure why Thorney is sick again but pray for all of them.

Marie Janssen
08-14-2010 6:14:14 PM EST
So sorry and surprised to hear you are still out of your house. We thought you got back in a week ago. Call us if you want to get together for dinner or something,

sue j
08-14-2010 1:33:16 PM EST
so sorry you can't get into your house yet am praying for you guys every day. keep us informed. take care

sue burgett
08-14-2010 10:56:08 AM EST
Dottie hoping for a fast and speedy recovery for you and thanks go out to Renee and Carol for all your work on the phone book

Sue Burgett
08-14-2010 10:51:24 AM EST
Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers its been a very stressful time we've been moved from Battle Creek to Coldwater to a Comfort Inn and I think I could write a book - I couldn't tell you how many times the police were at our first hotel at least this one is quiet and I feel I can walk around - Enbridge has been good to us this is the 17th day in a hotel and pays for all our meals but I want to go home but I'm afraid normal won't be for awhile

carol & steve
08-14-2010 8:45:27 AM EST

Kite flying on Treasure Island. Dottie, glad the surgery is behind you. I'm praying for a good recouperation.

08-13-2010 9:38:20 PM EST
good luck dottie with your knee. we are very lucky to have carol and renee in the park. thanks for all your work.
08-13-2010 8:01:23 PM EST
What a job you two have under taken. We are so lucky to have you in our park and so willing to help

08-13-2010 7:36:24 AM EST
thanks Renee, I'll be back in the groove before you know it

08-12-2010 10:24:47 PM EST
Dottie Steel Good Luck with your knee surgery tomorrow. Hopefully they will only have to do part and not total... God Bless Renee

carol simmon
08-11-2010 10:35:35 AM EST
I can hear the rain beating on the roof--again. Our park women's Bible Study will begin on August 18th, at 1 pm. We're meeting in the clubhouse. We'll be happy to have any park women in attendance. Thanks so much.

dan troter
08-09-2010 8:46:13 PM EST

Renee Babe
08-09-2010 5:09:24 AM EST
Hello all, Just wanted to update you on the latest news about my Mom, Babe Delaney. If all goes well tomorrow and the social workers and nurses can get everything in place, Mom will be returning to her own apartment on Tuesday morning. She had her cast removed permanently this past week and she is getting around well with a walker. She says that she has been walking up and down the halls to get her strength back. She will have home health when she gets home and my daughter will be checking in with her every morning before going to visit her granddad. She may not write right away, as her glasses were bent and she needs to get them repaired so that she can read the computer. Any cards and letters can now be sent to her at her home. Thanks for all the prayers that were said on her behalf. Carolyn Elliott

08-08-2010 5:54:53 PM EST

Hi all, How everything is good with you. Our Prays are with The Burgett Family...This is a picture of our high tides in the summer!

08-06-2010 6:11:47 PM EST
We are sorry to hear your bad news Sue You have had a hard couple of years. Especially sad because Enbridge IS a Canadian company - please don't hold that against us!! It must be a hard decision but the reprocussions will go on for years and you don't know what will happen to market value in the future. What a difficult position to be in .We'll be praying for you and Lynn

Sue Burgett
08-06-2010 11:16:47 AM EST
How about that - made the front page of 2 papers wonderful picture hang it to keep mice away - we had a meeting with Enbridge Oil Wednesday nite they offered to have an appraiser come out and appraise the property they will pay us fair market value plus closing cost and moving expenses to a new location - and they will give us a year to make that decision its hard to know what to do we've lived there for 36 years with the same neighbors and lots of memories but we have to roll with the cards your dealt - this too shall pass - are road will be closed until Sept - but were waiting for new testing of wells and air quality issues before we can go home hopefully this week-end

Marie Janssen
08-05-2010 9:22:58 AM EST
Sue B. did not tell you she made the front page of the Kalamazoo Gazette. Hope their meeting went well. Have not heard anything today

08-05-2010 4:58:21 AM EST
Hope Lynn & you get good news Sue B.Thinking of ya'll

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