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08-24-2008 8:58:51 PM EST
Nadine said Whitey came home from the hospital Friday. he is doing better getting shots to up his red blood cells. Please keep him in your prays. She also said thank you for the cards they received.

08-23-2008 10:36:47 PM EST
Have a safe trip to michigan. I know you will enjoy the kids. I also agree with you. I would be inside where it's warm not out looking for deer. Our grandson that is a senior this year in high school has been looking forward to football season starting because they play the seniors a lot. There was a scrimmage game on thursday and he broke his collarbone in two places so there goes the football season for him. He has surgery on wednesday and it will take about two to three months for recovery. He swims also so he will be able to swim at least. It's not much comfort at this time but he will get used to it I guess. Nothing else he can do about it. Glad to hear that fred is doing well. Hi to all.

08-23-2008 4:53:00 PM EST
Speaking of Thanksgiving... We'll be in MI for that holiday with our 13 year old grandson and daughter. Taylor and Brandie, Taylor can't wait, he wants Pa (Willie) to sit in the woods with him while he hunts deer. Gramie (Me) will be inside where there is heat!!!!! No snow 4 me! I grew up in MI, and the only season I like there is fall and the beautiful colors! Have a safe trip to Texas Sue, Can't wait to see everyone. Today we have had rain off and on from the storm, it is a strange storm, the farther it gets from Tampa Bay the more rain we receive. Nothing really bad, the winds are 10mph not much. I just saw on the TV today that the Fishing Pier down at the Sky way Bridge is closing the east side, it was built back in 1954, the west side was built 17 years later. so no more RV's or Trailers will be allowed on the fishing pier only trucks and cars. bye for now

08-23-2008 2:52:15 PM EST
We are going to Texas on our way down to have thanksgiving with our son in the air force and his family. So we sould be there by the monday after thanksgiving if not before. It is really fun to read all of the messages and keeping in touch with every one. Thanks for the weather updates.

08-22-2008 10:58:03 PM EST
I am happy that Fred and Pat are home... We have had a little rain off and on from the feeder bans on the very out side of Tropical storm Fay. It has been windy, but not to bad. I am so happy that everyone is keeping in touch with us down here. Won't be long and Y'all be down! see ya

Renee for Pat
08-22-2008 10:51:40 PM EST
Well, he came home today. I was against it but I wasn't there when it came about. Fred didn't argue since he was so anxious to get out of there. We got his prescriptions filled so he can continue the antibiotics and coubidin. I did some shopping on the way since we had to wait on the prescriptions. I got the makings for chicken and noodles. He loves it and it should be good for him. I am very glad to be home. My friend was the ultimate hostess but there comes a time when there's no place like home. Plus we picked up Ziggi and he too is glad to be home. I really missed him. So did Fred. So, thanks for all of your support. I think he will be OK now. Later, Love, Pat

08-22-2008 12:48:13 PM EST
We regret to announce the passing away of long-time resident Carolyn Creech. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers. I talk to her daughter this morning, she past away back in the spring suddenly and unexpectedly.

Renee for Pat
08-22-2008 11:29:29 AM EST
this was passed on to me from Gail she ask me to post it for Pat & Fred Zickefoose. Please let them know we are thinking of them and praying for them... Hi Friends and Family, Just a note to bring you up to date on Fred. He has been having a rough time. First they kept him in recovery for a whole day then they sent him to Trauma ICU for a day then on Wednesday evening he got his own room. The main goal is to pass gas. Should have only been a few days but it didn't come. Instead he got diarrhea and has had it for several days. Yesterday(Wed) they decided he had a diarrhea infection and started pumping antibiotics and quarantined him. Any visitors have to put on a gown and probably a face mask. I didn't go up yesterday so am not sure of all the rules. Anyway, I called him this morning and he said more diarrhea but was followed by some gas. HURRAY!!!!!!!so he had his first solid food for lunch. They are talking about moving him to the 9Th. floor which is all single rooms. Then they can scrub his bed and will have 2 beds for incoming patients. With the quarantine, no one can use the other bed in his room. One doctor even hinted that he could go home tomorrow but that's not a given. I'd like them to keep him one more day and be sure. I have been at my friends house for the duration. This is the first time I've been at Dave's to use his computer. Sorry about that. I really hope they don't find anything to operate on for awhile. Oh Yeah, They did find a LITTLE bit of cancer when they biopsied the growth, there was a tiny spot of Stage 1 cancer . I am not to worry as he is sure he got it all and stage 1 is very very not serious. I am cool with it as I am sure they got it all and with regular colonoscopies, there shouldn't be any more. Thank all of you for your interest, prayers,and support. It means a lot. Probably my next message will be from home. I declared that I wasn't going home until I could take him with me. Looks like that might actually happen. Till Then, Love, Pat

08-22-2008 11:17:20 AM EST
We are getting light rain today, and some wind but other than that we fared really well with this storm. Keep the people who did not in your prays

carol simmons
08-22-2008 9:37:27 AM EST
we really appreciate this message board. we've wondered about Fay and her dash across the state. it's been great to read about how everyone down there pitched in to take care of things. we're planning an extended stay through November before Steve completes his last week of work in December--looking forward to having that month to get to know the Chula family better. i'm kinda' curious about the kitchen band, and steve will be on the lookout for dominoes players. see ya' then.

08-21-2008 4:08:45 PM EST
Babe called today she was watching the weather channel.... some times what you see ON THE CHANNEL IS REMOTE AND NOT EVERY WHERE LIKE THEY SAY. that is why I suggest a local channel so you are not being freaked out!! Babe misses everyone, she is in remission and doesn't go back for 6 months! If you have her email address she would love to hear from the Chula family! I am so glad all of you are reading the web site and keeping in touch! miss y'all Renee

08-21-2008 12:12:09 PM EST
So far from this storm we have had very little rain as of yet. It is raining some now. Not sure where it is going next but looks like way north of us. We just had a few cloudy and windy days. I know the east coast got hit with a lot of flooding. To see about our area Please go on the web sites for our local news, there you can see Tampa bay area.

08-21-2008 8:43:22 AM EST
Just curious about the weather in our area. Is it still raining and do we have any flooding? Have seen picturs of Melbourne this morning and it looks bad there as far as flooding

08-20-2008 11:57:02 AM EST
We are the Chula family... We look out for each other!

sue janssen
08-19-2008 6:42:05 PM EST
sorry to hear about whitey. He is certainly in our prayers. He looked pretty good at the picnic in July. Glad the storm has gone away from you all. thanks for taking care of the park for us snow birds. we truly appreciate your efforts. Keep in touch.

08-19-2008 11:20:21 AM EST
All is well here. a little windy 23 miles per hour. check out 2 other local web site baynews9 and Ruskin weather staion NOAA. Thank you for all of your concerns. The storm went way south and east of us. Please keep Whitey in your parys and send him a card Leroy Baumert 711 Jacobs Dr. Payne, OH 45880-9077

08-19-2008 8:45:48 AM EST
Glad to see you are all safe and sound. Sorry to hear about Whitey Could you give us an address please

dan trotter
08-19-2008 12:27:31 AM EST
crossing my fingers hope all goes well this one looks close. good luck all

08-18-2008 10:21:59 PM EST
Just a note, I heard from Nadine... Whitey is in the hospital with congestive heart failure and anemic... Please send card and say prays. Also, I watched the weatheR channel for a while... IF YOU WANT LOCAL TAPMA BAY AREA NEWS TRY THESE WEB SITES. WWW.TBO.COM (CHANNEL 8 NEWS). WWW.MYFOXTAMPABAY.COM (CHANNEL 13 NEWS). WWW.ABCACTIONNEWS.COM (CHANNEL 28) God bless and stay in touch

08-18-2008 7:33:01 PM EST
Everyone who works for the park along with others are getting things set and ready for the storm. As of right is a WATCH not a WARNING. Take care. Willie and I are staying right here along with a lot of our residents.

Marie Janssen
08-18-2008 4:12:50 PM EST
Thanks to Dave Boersma and all who are securing the park. Hope all goes well. We are all watching the weather channel. My daughter flew out of Tampa this morning and is back safely in Michigan-Thank God-Take care and keep us posted

08-18-2008 11:34:11 AM EST
Thank you Sue we are watching the weather... right now we are under a watch not a warning. People are running around trying to secure the park. I know Dave Boorsma is duct taping garden hoses so they don't become whips.

sue janssen
08-18-2008 11:08:07 AM EST
Hope you all are doing okay. we are keeping our eyes on the weather and wishing all well. Hang in there.

08-18-2008 9:34:14 AM EST
Hot dog Tuesday CANCELED this week due to storm. We will be back Aug. 26th. Thank you Renee and Dave

08-14-2008 11:08:23 AM EST
I am glad everyone is keeping in touch... This board is great for all the Chula Family, that way the shut ins and snow bird can keep up with what is happening in the park in the summer and then in the winter... the calendar is always at your fingertips and you can let your family see all the fun that is had here in the sun!

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