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Deborah Iturralde
03-08-2021 2:25:56 PM EST
The television package will include a Chulavista Landings Channel to facilitate keeping everyone informed. AND received ok to upload the Rent discussion recap online so be looking for it.

Rent Committee
03-08-2021 1:35:00 PM EST
If you are not local and would like to receive the recap, email me at this address and I will send to you.

Rent Committee
03-08-2021 1:32:40 PM EST
Update....hopefully we will receive answers Wednesday when Mr. Marger is in the park. Information as a recap is posted at the clubhouse and both mail huts. Please do not remove the posted info so all local residents will have access to it.

Sharon Dunlap Honold
03-06-2021 7:05:20 PM EST
It has been suggested I update the prayer list. I have very limited information in regard to most of those that are on the list. If you have need of prayer or knowledge of those on the list who need continued prayer please reach out to me and let me know so I can keep the list current. Thank you!

HOA Board
03-06-2021 1:13:26 PM EST
Update: A list of all of the questions that were raised at the HOA meeting on Tuesday regarding the rent, the spectrum wifi and dish tv was given to the owner, Dave, on Thursday. We are waiting for his answers before sending out the block managers so that they will be able to answer your questions before you vote. Thank you everyone for your patience on this matter.

Marie Janssen
03-05-2021 5:34:41 PM EST
Rent Committee: Thank you. Looking forward to your information.

Rent Committee
03-05-2021 2:20:33 PM EST
More info is coming. We've presented the owner with the questions raised Tuesday evening. I will post on the website as soon as possible. Stay tuned...

Sue Burgett
03-05-2021 11:36:52 AM EST
COVID VACCINES volunteers are going door to door signing up anyone 65 or older who wants a vaccine Hillsborough County Aging Services will come here to administer if we have 50 people I’m told this could be within 2 weeks this applies to anyone who hasn’t had any vaccine and are 65 and older if you have any questions call Sue Burgett 269-832-4516

Sharon Dunlap Honold
03-01-2021 5:50:36 PM EST
Friendly reminder the HOA meeting is tomorrow, Tuesday, at 6pm!

Sharon Dunlap
03-01-2021 3:52:43 PM EST
Letter from the owner of Chulavista Landings: We are very excited to announce the hiring of our new resident managers: Dale and Shelly Gray. They are highly qualified for this position. Dale and Shelly have lived at Chulavista for several years. Many of you recognize Dale from working here in the past and most recently being the President of the HOA. For those of you who have not met Shelly yet, you will find her to be very personable, and with her background I am sure she will get comfortable running the office quickly. Please join us in welcoming Dale and Shelly! Dale and Shelly will start training with Chuck and Gail on March 1st. While we are excited for our new Management couple, we will certainly miss Chuck and Gail! In 2004, we were very lucky to find Chuck and Gail and I would like to personally thank them for the countless hours of devotion they have put into Chulavista. It is obvious that this was more than just a job. Chuck and Gail treated Chulavista like it was their own. They have sold countless homes and oversaw many projects to upgrade our Community such as the new pickle ball courts, bocce courts, and the storage area, to name a few. I have worked with dozens of Managers over my 30+ years in the business and Chuck and Gail are top-of-the-line! I am very happy that they will be calling Chulavista home and let’s wish them the very best in their future endeavors! Dave Marger Owner of Chulavista Landings

Renee Sammons
02-27-2021 4:25:58 PM EST
Looking for some one to put venal records onto cds. Please contact me. Lot 8

02-22-2021 11:17:00 AM EST
So sorry to hear about Sheila. May she Rest In Peace

Lynn and Sue Burgett
02-20-2021 12:25:08 PM EST
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Sheila Monroe Costa a former resident and daughter of Marie Dake and brother Randy still in the park

Sharon Dunlap Honold
02-19-2021 9:27:34 PM EST
Hello All! I was going through old posts in messages and had a few laughs. I don't know many of the current or past residents but Chulavista Landings must have been a very active community prior to our residence here. I was impressed with the participation of many of the residents and all the activities, parties, pot lucks, holiday meals, decorating, and other memorable events so many enjoyed!!! I was also saddened by so many who had passed that were and are loved and remembered. I hope we can all experience the fun times again soon! I hope to post some of those past memories. Please forgive me if I do post something from someone who has passed. It's not my intention to upset only to uplift!

02-18-2021 7:19:54 PM EST
We are pleased to announce that at this time we have NO active Covid cases in the Park! That means that we can again have guests, but remember: guests are to go directly to your home and directly out, are NOT to be out in the Park or using the facilities. Also, due to the CDC recommendations change, we need to change the notice for the pool. The CDC no longer recommends that you wear fabric face masks in the pool, only out of the pool.

02-17-2021 4:48:53 PM EST
There will be an HOA meeting on Tuesday March 2, 2021 at 6:00 pm in the Clubhouse. The agenda will include confirmation of Board officers, rent notices and Park openings. Everyone must wear a mask and social distance. Grab your neighbor and get involved.

Sharon Dunlap
02-16-2021 1:45:51 PM EST
Please review HOA Happenings in regard to the March 2, 2021 HOA meeting!

02-13-2021 6:57:41 PM EST
After much discussion, and in cooperation with the Community Owners and the HOA it has been decided to open the pool. However, there are rules. If these rules are not followed the pool WILL be closed again. These are for your safety. There are to be no more than 10 people within the pool enclosure at one time. All persons will wear masks, whether in or out of the pool. Masks MUST be of cloth; disposable masks are useless when wet. Social distancing will be followed at all times. We are aware that we are asking you to police yourselves, the same as in the past summer, but it may be the only way to keep the pool open.

02-13-2021 6:53:46 PM EST
IMPORTANT NOTICE PLEASE READ Due to the Pandemic the Community has been CLOSED to all visitors and guests. That has NOT been lifted; guests and visitors are NOT allowed within Chulavista Landings. Of course, Caregivers and essential service providers, for example AC repair or service people, are not included. Please follow this, as you do not know whose life you might be saving. Thank you.

Wanda Keefer
02-13-2021 3:57:55 PM EST
Does anyone else in the park feel we need to hold our monthly HOA meetings? I have found them to be the best way for us to voice our opinion and receive information. If it is not possible to hold a meeting inside, let's hold it outside.

Mary Fuller
02-12-2021 7:10:53 PM EST
To the office - Thank you for the information. So sad , but understandable.

02-12-2021 12:52:30 PM EST
The pool is closed because of the Covid-19. It is nearly impossible to social distance inside the pool and/or wear a mask. We need to have at least 10 days (it used to be 2 weeks, but the CDC has changed it to 10 days) with no new cases inside the Park to reopen the pool and begin limited use of the clubhouse and rec hall. Last night a new positive case was reported so it will be at least 10 days until we look at reopening again. I wish I could tell you differently. Also, anyone going to Manatee county for any reason please be aware that they do not have a countywide mask mandate. The CDC recommends that you double mask in such areas, especially as the new strain is highly contagious.

Mary Fuller
02-12-2021 11:45:05 AM EST
Could someone update residents on the pool status and why it continues to be closed? Thank you.

Cookie & Ramona
02-12-2021 9:14:43 AM EST
FYI--WE were on TV news yesterday, if you were watching. We were at Fowler Covid Vaccine location at 3:10 P.M. for our 3:30 appointment--lined up in long car lines, received our vaccine finally at 8:25 P. M., and was back home by 9:15 P.M. Thank God, they did not run out of vaccine. However, if we hadn't had an appointment, we probably would have been turned away. Be sure you have an appointment!!

Karen Allen
02-07-2021 11:31:16 PM EST
I am so sorry to learn of Mary’s passing. She will be missed. My deepest condolences to her family

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