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10-12-2008 9:15:50 AM EST
Hi, I talk to Nadine Baumert, They are doing better. Busy all the time kids, grand kids, and great grands in and out all the time. Harold and Diane stopped by and said that They both look great. Nadine said to say hi to all. Her kids are planning an 80th birthday party for her in Nov. I thinks we should shower her with love from the Chula family. Please send her a card before Nov 15th her Birthday. Also. Lets not forget other Chula Family who have moved out and on. Reach out and touch someone.

Pat Z
10-12-2008 9:09:53 AM EST
Hi Y'all, Fred got moved out of CCU about 5:00 AM this morning into his own private room. They have been trying for 3 days to move him but had to wait for a bed to empty. He isn't all that much better but can use oxygen all day and use the Bi Pap only at night. He is getting nutrition through a food tube. They're not letting him have anything to drink. I hope that changes soon. They're giving him medication for the Atrial Fibrillation. I hope it works. He is getting so tired of being in the hospital. Me too. I am staying at David's(son) for now. Instant access to the computer and a firmer bed. Air mattress on computer room floor. A little hard getting up from but otherwise, pretty good. Plus I get visited by Rasputin, Dave's cat and Ginger, Alexis' Puggle. (Pug and Beagle mix) Kind of different to open your eyes and see green eyes staring into yours. (cat) Fred is in room 827 B. Don't have a phone number yet. I'll get that when I go to visit. He is on Lena's floor but I don't know if he is in her end. I guess I'll know more when I get there. I am fine,but like Fred, tired of not being home and the daily trip to the hospital. Thankfully, I haven't had to drive the distance from home every day. This is all I know for now. More to come as it happens. Love, Pat Z

Shirley B
10-10-2008 11:19:36 PM EST
Thanks to everyone for the weather info and the packing suggestions...I'm really looking forward to Nov.1...It was fun to look at the great pictures of the decorated homes, if you do all this for Halloween, then Christmas decorating must be amazing!

10-10-2008 4:31:22 PM EST
LOVE THE PICTURES OF THE DECORATED HOMES. You guys are terriffic. I try to pack fairly light with a variety of clothing that can be used in a number of combinations. As Renee said, there is a Big Lots coming. I really don't remember any days that were freezing cold. We have been coming down from late November through to the end of March and the weather is usually very tolerable whether hot or cold. Hope some of this will help you out. See everyone the end of November. Can't wait to see all of your smiling faces.

10-08-2008 8:29:10 PM EST

Mary Ann Smiths's house... great job girl.

10-08-2008 8:27:45 PM EST

Pattie Pattons front yard... Happy Halloween

10-08-2008 8:26:41 PM EST

The pond in front of our house Halloween 08

10-08-2008 8:25:38 PM EST

Casper and Frankenstein that I made out of wine bottles and Christmas tree lights.

10-08-2008 2:04:47 PM EST
for all NEW people to Ruskin area.... check out the 5th button that says Tibits on Ruskin, there are some web site that will really help you out with local events weather and such.

10-08-2008 1:52:48 PM EST
Thanks to all of you for writing. first Denise, the HOA meeting is Oct. 22 Wed. night @ 7:PM @ the clubhouse. The HOA board is the go between residents and the park owners. Carol and Shirley, Most of the time it is in the mid 60's and low 70's, but we do have some cold days also. I have never seen it freeze here, frost some times I may have on a winter coat because my blood is thinned out, but the snow birds, run around in shorts and a wind breaker. I would load up on the bathing suits, short, Capri, a few long pants and maybe a jogging outfit, also a light to medium weight jacket or a hooded sweatshirt for the windy day at the beach. Hope this helps you out. Don't forget we have a Big Lots opening soon so, you can ALWAYS go shoppin!

Shirley B.
10-08-2008 10:50:45 AM EST
I'm glad the question was asked about Nov. weather and I hope someone will also advise about Dec. Jan. as well. I'm trying to pack for six months and it's hard, as I've only been to Florida in March and April. I had no idea packing would be so difficult, and it's not just clothes, it's all the other "stuff" as well! If you have any advice on how to pack a small car with all the necessities I would love to hear it, as right now I think I need a bus!! lol

carol simmons
10-08-2008 8:51:44 AM EST
Steve & I are coming down for the month of November, then back to Indiana until April, when we'll move permanently. What can we expect in terms of weather for November?

10-07-2008 3:57:58 PM EST
Hi Renee. . . This is an awesome website. . . I just wanted to say what a great bunch of girls go to the water aerobics. I love the excersize and the "gab". The pool is warm now and I feel so much better since getting out there ! Hey, does anyone know what the home owners meeting is like? This will be our first.

10-07-2008 2:01:09 PM EST
Everyone I talk to loves the web site.... but no body wants to come out and play.... I know some one has news or wants to say HI....

10-07-2008 1:58:12 PM EST
Hello????????????????????????????????????? Any one else out there??????? Its not all me you know!!!!!!!!! Mary Boorsma says her son reads this where are you??????

10-07-2008 9:52:38 AM EST


10-06-2008 7:26:26 PM EST

Call Gail if you want to move in!!!! Brand new Jacobsen.

10-06-2008 7:24:55 PM EST

2nd half of new double wide Jacobsen

10-06-2008 7:23:01 PM EST

New double wide by Jacobsen for lot 16

10-06-2008 6:38:54 PM EST
We regret to announce the passing away of long-time resident Mildred Layman. Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers. God Bless

10-04-2008 8:00:39 AM EST
Well we were sure sorry to hear about Fred's setback. We wish him well and extend our prayers to him and to Pat and the rest of her family. Hoping for a speedy recovery.

Pat Z
10-03-2008 4:00:54 PM EST
HI Y'all, Well, Fred didn't last long in a regular room. Maybe 3 days. They moved him today to the Critical Care Unit.When I saw him last night (Tues) He was VERY weak and short of breath. I am not surprised they put him back in a special care unit but I didn't expect CCU. It might have had the only available bed. The Dr. who called me said his breathing was labored,his heart rate was elevated and he has Atrial Fibrillation in his heart. I hope they fix the Fibrillation. I'm told a pacemaker will fix it. Actually,I hope they fix everything. It sure doesn't look like he is close to coming home. When I found out where he was and called, the nurse said he was sleeping peacefully so I decided not to bother him. I will drive down in the morning. That's all I know for now. All for now, Pat

10-02-2008 1:29:43 PM EST

09-30-2008 10:14:55 PM EST
Dear Chuls Family, Just a note to say I am sorry, I have the Oct. Calendar up, but some how it is all off centered. I emailed for tech help, please bear with me.... ALSO, PLEASE CHECK THE MAIL HUTS FOR ACTIVITIES, DUE TO THE REMODELING OF THE CLUBHOUSE, NOT SURE WHAT OR WHEN THINGS ARE HAPPENING. THANKS

Renee for Pat Z
09-29-2008 10:26:54 PM EST
Hi Y'all, Just a quick update on Fred. They removed the breathing tube today and a couple days ago, they removed the tube from his nose that went to his stomach to pump out fluids. He also had one to pump fluids out of his lungs. It's gone too. He still has oxygen coming from a machine called a By-pap. It was helping him breath too but now it just seems to be oxygen. He has the mask strapped to his head -top and bottom. I still can't kiss him and he still can't talk. I laid one on top of his head. We hold hands and don't talk much. Joe, he is in the fourth floor medical ICU north. I guess that's about all for now. He does look much better even than when he was at home. There is still the issue of the very soft bowel movements. He is very much not ready to come home. We figure at least another week, maybe more. Love ya all, Pat Z

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