What is Sin?

   What is sin? the bible says that sin is the transgression of the law. The breaking of Gods law is sin. For that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.            

   Every kingdom and nation has laws and penalties for breaking those laws. Gods kingdom also has a law and the penalty for breaking Gods law is death. 

   This is why people die everyday. God in his mercy knew that everyone ever born on earth would eventually go to a place called hell this is why he sent his Son Jesus to die on a cross and pay for our sin, making a way for us to be saved from hell. Hell was made for Satan and his angels. Man was never meant to burn in hell, but because of his sin will go there forever without God, and only by Christ can anyone escape hell fire. 

   Men that were born after Adam and Eve died from sin. For sin passed upon all flesh. We inherited death and damnation from our first parents. We can only escape death and hell by inheritance in return, For we were children of Satan after the fall of man, and by adoption are now children of God.

   We cannot force God to adopt us, it is his choice and his alone. For Christ said to his desciples you have not chosen me, but I have chosen you. Salvation is a gift of God, we can only ask God for it, we cannot get it anytime we want or buy it at a store etc.        


   The sins of man are many and all are damnable. To better understand what God says is a sin and the definition of each below is a list of what God considers sin and a common definition of it, each sin is not listed in any order such as greatest to least etc.


   Hatred is considered a sin, and when it is against God or a brother in Christ is equal to the sin of murder.  But to hate evil or sin is not a sin.


   God says to not covet your neighbours goods, his wife or his belongings. Covetousness is a form of greed, wanting something that is not yours. Wanting something that belongs to someone else. Wanting or lusting after more than what God provides. Adam and Eve sinned against God because they wanted more than what God gave them, Satan said that they could be as gods knowing good and evil if only they would eat of the tree of knowledge.

   But instead of gaining something, they lost everything, and in the end died, and if unsaved went to hell, but God will judge them and in his hands their future will be determined.



   Being a false witness, being untruthful, being dishonest.


   The unlawful and premeditated taking of a life.


   Worshipping and serving objects, rather than worshipping and serving God. Such as money, cars, things, women, men, beauty, fame, self and the world.

                                                                      To be continued;