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Praise him, praise the Lord Jesus! this website is for Gods glory and his alone amen! you may wonder who I am? I am just a voice crying in the wilderness prepare ye the way of the Lord make his path straight amen!         
   There's a fire of revival coming soon, God is going to pour out his Spirit upon all flesh and you will see the power of God like never before, it will be the most awesome sight you will ever see on earth yet!
Do not fear all of the events coming onto the earth, for there is a time of Jacobs trouble coming that will be horrible, more horrible than any time before or after, but we Gods people will escape this horrible event via his calling away, or rapture.
   Today Gods people are struggling with sin, debt and stress but beloved do not fear, God will rescue you, don't give up, never doubt that he loves you! God has never stopped loving you, he is your help, you may feel like your in a pit of desperation, but hold on, he will throw you a rope and save you from your troubles soon.
   My name is George Baker and I'm just a humble servant of our Lord Jesus I am not ordained by man or employed with any religious organization I'm just a man that was chosen by God to give his people a message and that message is that he is coming soon, and that we need to overcome this world and its temptations. We need to allow God to work through us and by doing this we can work through God. Anything is possible with Christ and through him we can do all things. I was born May 20th 1965 and have been saved since I was a small child. I have grown in the Lord ever since and have seen visions, heard Gods audible voice and and exercised a few of the gifts of his Spirit.
   I have walked with God my whole life and have been to many churches to worship God and seek other Christians etc. I have never started a church and have worked as an employee of various businesses my whole life, but I believe God is preparing me to be an evangelist for these end times as he moves me I will begin to preach the everlasting gospel and this will be my job and only job, amen!
   I live in San Diego and work as a water heater tech. If you would like me to preach at your church or place of meeting you can contact me at 858-334-5600
my email is Onlyjesusrules@yahoo.com, I dont believe you can email from the link but please call me anytime 6am to 6pm pacific standard time thanks
                                                  Only Jesus Rules!


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