Truth turned into a lie...



   Christ warned us that man would turn the truth into a lie. This was a warning that man would take the word of God, the bible and make it a lie. By finding fault with it or by adding on to it or taking away from it.

   Man is a liar, from the beginning Satan was a liar and after the fall Satan became mans father. Like father like son.

   This present world is of Satan, and is condemned by God, the problems the world is having will get worse and worse until the end.

   God said that he would send the world a strong delusion that they would believe a lie and be damned, for having pleasure in unrighteousness.


   Man believes many things that are not true, come up with any thought or idea and get a few people to promote it and after awhile a small group of delusioned people will build a building around it.

   Of course it will not be God ruling it but Satan. More churches worldwide are ruled by Satan than by God. Most churches in the entire world are for mans profit and lust for money and power. Churches are like people, there are many of them, more are evil than good, they may call themselves Christian, but most are not.

   Many are called but few are chosen. Man teaches lies as if they are truth, for profit or pleasure or power. Many churches of the world have large followings and great riches and beauty, but inwardly they are wicked and evil and vile and damned before God.


   Any church that lifts up anyone or angel or saint other than Jesus Christ is of the devil and should be closed. If it's not all about Jesus at your church find another church. If salvation of souls isn't the top priority at your church make it so...

   If your church has the latest version of the bible and no power, buy the truth and sell it not, buy the original KJV bible and walk in the spirit and prepare to stand alone as the world will forsake you if God is with you.

   Some of the lies that man has made the truth are just the tip of the iceburg to the whole lie. But here are just a few, and none of these are to be accepted as the truth.

            Santa Clause, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Big Foot, Abominable Snow Man, UFO's, Time Travel, Elves, Super Man, Batman, Spider Man, No Hell, God Loves Everyone, No Devil, No Wrong, No Right, No Judgement Day, No Wrath of God, No Rapture, No One Perfect, Tithing is not scriptural, All bibles say the same thing, Gods business shouldn't make a profit, No Perfect Bible, No Miracles, No Healings, No Prophesies, No Speaking in Tongues, Jesus Just a Man, Wealth and Beauty and Fame are signs of godliness,  The End Justifies the Means, Women are Better than Men, Men are Better than Women, White is Better than Black, Black is Better than White, Good is Evil, Evil is Good, God is a Man, Man is a god, Fornication is just Sex, Drunkeness is just Fun, It's ok for Children to Disobey God, Over Eating and Drinking are deseases, Witchcraft is Natural, Men with Men and Women with Women is normal, Sex with Animals and Children and Dead Bodies is ok for some People, Killing Unborn Children is ok If the Woman was raped or the father is Related Etc., 

   Jesus was crucified for mans sin, to save man from his transgression. When you speak against the world and thus condemn it to hell, the world will condemn you and kill you as if doing God service.

   The problem today is there are many preachers and few soldiers of God. today Christians are in danger of being labeled terrorists. Once this happens, killing them will be justified. During the tribulation period soon to come, Christians will be beheaded by the millions. Labeled as terrorists by the antichrist, I believe the antichrist is alive and being prepared to step in to the worlds scene as Gods world solution.

   For the world is headed for a serious problem called Gods wrath, and the world will seek for a man to help. The root of the worlds problem is that they seek man for help and it is this failure to seek God that damns the world and thrusts it into wrath and destruction.

   The only solution is the truth and Jesus Christ is the Truth, seek him for help and trust in him alone, and always remember that the truth is a double edged sword that cuts both ways, resist it, and it will cut you, accept it, and it will protect you.