This page is for those precious few that desire to accept Jesus and recieve eternal life and live in paradise forever, amen.

This is a big step and must start with prayer to our heavenly Father.

Please pray this prayer in faith: Dearest Heavenly Father I know that I am a sinner and that I need salvation and forgiveness of my sin. I am sorry for my sin and ask you to forgive me and create a new heart in me and wash away my sin. I accept Jesus Christ your Son as my Saviour and Lord. I believe he died and rose again and is seated on your right hand and is coming again, please save me and write my name in your book of remembrance and life and I ask in your name in the only name that can save, in the name of Jesus Christ amen!

Praise God you are now a child of God and all of your sins are forgiven!

The first thing that you need to do is find a good church to go to and to read your holy bible and pray to your heavenly father daily.

Welcome to a new day and life in Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour amen. To accept Jesus as Lord is the first step on our road to heaven. He said that no man comes to heaven except by him for he is the Door to heaven.

Many think that by accepting Jesus all of their problems will be over and gone. But to be honest, this is not the reason to accept Jesus, for one enters a battle when one accepts Jesus. it's a battle for our very soul, God has an enemy and that enemy is Satan, he is a fallen angel that fell to earth, and he is here on earth now, he is the enemy of God and Gods people. We as children of God have the same enemy now, will have to fight him every day, he is real and wants us gone, destroyed, and he will do everything in his power to stop us, that's why it's so hard to talk of God, praise him in public etc, the world is been given over to him and it's his and the world is blind to his power and lies. but dont worry by Gods grace we will overcome him in everything we do amen.


Jesus is God!

Now  that you are a child of God, you must keep yourself from sin and become an obediant servant of God, this may be the hardest thing you have ever done, to submit to anothers will 100%. It is not natural for man to submit to anyone but himself, but in order to be the child of God that pleases God we have to give up some worldly desires and habits and by love and yes even fear of Good submit 100% to Gods will.

God will send you his angels to guide you and help you in your walk. The most awesome thing about being a christian is that God is always there for you, he will never leave you or forsake you, he lives inside you now, he walks with you and lifts you up when you fall, comforts you when your troubled.

I as a christian have had times of stress, fear and worry. but God is a constant help, his peace passes all understanding. You are not alone now, he is there with you now, he will never leave you or turn his back on you, you can trust in him and know that you are a mighty child of the most high God, there is nothing to fear or be ashamed of, you are a part of his kingdom and all the angels of God are ready to defend you and help you.

There are sins that we commit even as children of God, and you will not overcome them overnight, please understand that God will never hate you or turn his back on you just because you sinned. He loves you more than you can know, amen!


You will be tempted of the devil to sin, and yes sin can be pleasurable, but we must understand that God will not allow us to sin freely anymore, there is a penalty for sin and this penalty can make your life a living hell, I know because I have felt this chastisement of God and it can take you to the lowest point and be a hell on earth.

I was constantly tempted in life by the devil, until I hit bottom, my life was in a horrible place, I was in horrible debt, living in a sisters house rent free, no job and really a fool. I struggled with covetousness all my life, until I hit rock bottom with God, his chastisement pushed me up against a rock and a hard place, I decided that I had had enough with being cursed, in debt, and poor.

I made a decision to serve God in fear and obedience forever. I wanted to be blessed and rich in his Spirit. So I started listening to his word as much as I could, hearing his word via CD, youtube video yes his word is free and on youtube Genesis to Revelation amen!

I made a choice to put God first and pay my tithe and offering, and keep myself from my sin, i struggled with covetousness since a youth, but now I'm free from it and glory be to God forever for his saving grace amen!

I really desire to know that you are a Christian and have chosen to serve him and be blessed in him, please write me and let me know that you are now a child of God and that I have a new brother or sister in Christ, write to George Baker 1450 north Mollison Ave. El Cajon, CA 92021


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