What is pornography, I am sure that if you live in America and have eyes and ears and understanding you know what pornography is. This page will study what pornography is, what the impact is and will be from it and Gods judgement that will come upon the world because of it.

   What is Pornography:

   Pornography is fornication on film and paper. Sad to say the Supreme Court of America has legallized fornication by allowing pornography to flow like sewage down our streets and into our homes by the mail, internet and cable and satellite TV.

   And by these our children are being exposed to wickedness, and sin like no other time in the history of the world. I believe America will suffer the greatest judgement by God because of the pornography they make and sell to the entire world.

   How many men and women are becoming slaves to pornography, either by making a living by it or by consuming it like addicts. Pornography is a whore and she is crippling men and women with lust and temptation that once given in to few can escape her.

   Pornographies appeal is the readily available viewing of nude bodies in every type of sex imagined. Sex of its self is of God, but there is good sex and bad sex. If you love God you keep his commandments and it says Thou shalt not commit adultery and Thou shalt not covet what is not yours.

   Also Gods word says fornicators will not inherit the kingdom of heaven. Some men have made millions selling sex. I will not mention any names but we know of these men that build mansions and surround themselves with lovers of choice beauty and carnal friends gather round to justify this filthy lifestyle.

   Know that these people will go straight to hell and fast. In hell there is no friend to justify a sinful behavior. For there is only shame and torment and darkness and loneliness in hell. Pornography is a business of hell and all her employees are children of hell and hell is coming for her children soon.

   Pornographies Impact:

   The impact of pornography today and the future is being seen around the world. The world is experiencing Gods judgement and people are blinded by ignorance. Jesus said that people die from lack of knowledge. The lack of knowledge that pornography is bringing Gods wrath upon this world can only destroy the world and bring death to many.

   Are people dying today by acts of nature? At an ALARMING RATE? Does this open anyones eyes to reality? Can anyone see that God is ANGRY? Does anyone care anymore about people? We go out of our way to care for the environment, animals etc but what about US! Does anyone care that their sinful behavior could anger God and that anger could end in destruction, and that destruction by prophesy is here already and who can stop it?

   I dare ONE MAN to stand up in the eyes of Almighty God and do good, turn his back on pornography and please God. And obey God in deed and word and pray day and night for Gods mercy and peace to spare US from his holy wrath that is stored up in heaven to be poured out upon this world like never before.

   I dare this man to walk by faith and meditate in Gods book day and night, pay his tithe and offering and go to church once a week. to witness Gods message of salvation to help the poor and needy, to visit the widow and fatherless child and prisoner and the sick. To give alms in secret and to fast in secret. And one that will walk in the Spirit of God and be a light of hope to a lost and dying world.