The Power of Sin:

As Christians we know that sin is in our flesh and that its a constant battle to overcome. We read our bibles, go to church and pray and yet still we sin? why do we still sin even though we do not want to, even though we ask God to stop us from sinning, or ask God to help us stop sinning etc?

   As long as sin is in our mortal bodies we will struggle with temptations, and yes we will continue to fall to temptation until we give God full access to our hearts and minds and give him room to work and seek his help and ask for his help, and allow God to work through us.

   To show you just how powerful sin is, look at Satan and all the angels that fell from heaven. If annointed cherubs can fall from heaven and be thrust down into darkness to be held in chains until judgement day, sin is so powerful that only God can resist it.

   How many men in pride think they can resist sin, how many men fail to seek Gods help to overcome sin, thinking that they can do this or that and then by their own actions just stop sinning, sad to say most think this.

   Man cannot stop sinning if he is under sin, if he is not saved from sin by Christ he is a servant of sin and can never stop sinning. We as children of God in Christ are no longer under sin, but under grace, we are free from sin and no longer servants of sin.

   As servants of God in Christ we can stop sinning, but not on our own, we must seek Gods help and by him alone we can stop sinning. Remember only God can resist sin and because only God is strong enough to resist it, only by him can we stop sinning, pride stops more men from overcoming sin than anything else.

   Yes pride, the pride that wants all the glory for the victory over sin, the pride that says look at how great I am for overcoming sin, I hear men say so many times, I dont do this or that as if that makes us all think they are so very holy and pure??

   Pride is a sin that many men are guilty of, we have all sinned and we are all guilty, but by Gods grace and gift of slavation in his Son Jesus on the cross, we can have the victory and the glory of salvation amen.

   Once we accept the fact that we cannot stop sinning no matter what we do or say, and only by God working through us and living in us can we stop sinning. I know from experience that no matter how long I listen to the holy bible etc I am still tempted to sin. and if I do not seek Gods face and ask for his help Im in trouble.

   I really listen to Gods words for hours and hours day and night, I love youtubes complete Genesis to Revelation video series here's the link to it


   This is how I listen to the whole bible, I listen to it while in bed, sometimes all night on low volume, it is a comfort and its my way to cleanse my mind and open the door for God to come in and work his work, by him we can do all things amen.

   We must never allow pride to stop us from seeking Gods help in overcoming sin, and we must accept that we cannot stop sinning on our own and that only he can overcome the world as he did on earth by Christ, We must allow him to overcome the world through us and then by him we can overcome the world, and in the end he gets the glory for our victory amen.

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