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    Overcoming the world is the goal of every true Christian. For The world is physically and spiritually evil and flesh because of sin is dead. For the spirit is life and the flesh is death. Those that walk after the flesh cannot, please God, only those that walk after the Spirit of God can


   Please God, for those that walk in the Spirit of God shall not fulfill the lusts of the flesh. To overcome the world we must walk in the Holy Ghost the Spirit of Christ. To walk in the Spirit of God one must have faith in the Holy Ghost, faith that he is pure and holy, faith tha He is God, Faith that he will not fail you, and faith that he will not let you fail. To walk in the Spirit


   One must be in the Spirit and the Spirit of Christ must be in you. Ones thoughts must be of the Spirit and the things of the Spirit, things that are pure and holy and good. One cannot be watching an unholy movie and walk in the Spirit, one cannot be listening, to unholy music and walk in the Spirit. One cannot be speaking evil and walk in the Holy Ghost. One thing is a must to overcome the world, one must pray to our heavenly Father.

   We must pray without ceasing, we must hear Gods word day and night, by reading his word and hearing his word via preacher, bible cassette or CD or teacher. The reason why we do not see a lot of miracles and signs and wonders of God like we should, is that, a lot of Christians fail to fully submit


   To Gods Spirit, submit by thinking about Gods Spirit always, submit by thinking spiritual thoughts, submit by speaking spiritual words submit by having spiritual desires only. The carnal mind is enmity against Christ. A spiritual mind is full of the Holy Ghost in thought and imagination and vision and word.

   One cannot sin while walking in the Spirit, for a saint that is walking in the Spirit cannot sin or fulfill the desires or lusts of the flesh. One that is walking in the Holy Ghost is pure in mind and heart. One that is walking in the pure fire of the Holy Ghost is full of the fear of God, and his desire is towards pleasing God not himself.

   The carnal man seeks to please himself first and at the cost and expense of others, this is why sins of the flesh are so vile and evil, carnal man will kill, steal and destroy to please himself. While the spiritual man saves life and gives his own life, gives and builds to please God. And that man receives of God more pleasure than any man that seeks to please self before pleasing God.

   To overcome the world, the flesh, the sin and the temptation and the temptor which is Satan that old serpent, One must first be saved
by hope in Christ and by Gods grace through faith. hear Gods word day and night and pray without ceasing, from ones waking moment til ones head rests in sleep. And by walking in The power and fire of Gods Holy Spirit. By being holy spiritual in mind and word and deed. One that walks in the Spirit of God naturally keeps Gods word and stays. Also to overcome the world and sin and temptation one must do it through God in Christ.

   By allowing God to work through you, you in turn will be able to work through God. For God said unless two are in agreement they cannot walk together. So we must be in agreement with God to walk with him, and for us to do anything, overcome the world, walk by faith etc we must first seek God and ask him to do these things through us, I ask God daily to overcome this world through me and by doing this I can overcome the world through him, amen!




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