A God Thing!


   Have you ever heard someone say that is a God thing? I have many times and it relates to an act of God that benefits the individual saying it. I would like to record all of the God things possible. In my life and yours. I have countless God things that I have now forgotten and because I failed to write them down in remembrance. But after todays event which I will tell you about I have decidede to start this page to remember every God thing I can.

   I am still a plumber as of 1/2/10 and today I was leaving a job and driving my work van away, and I came to a stop and saw a golf cart passing in front of me at an intersection on a quiet street. I was in a hurry so when I saw the golf cart I was a little upset that it was in front of me and taking up some of the road I needed to drive.

   And as I looked at the driver he mouthed your door is open, I was half way into the intersection as I stopped and backed up and saw to my amazement that I had forgotten to shut my back door. If I had not had that wonderful person show me my door was open at that time, driving slow and just leaving a job I would have possibly lost tools and supplies out the back of my work van onto a street in traffic.

   This to me is a God thing and my first recorded of countless in my life. As I encounter and recall any God things in my life I will record them here on this page. Please email me of any God things in your life and I will gladly add them to this page. Just email me George Baker at onlyjesusrules@yahoo.com thank you.