Hell is Real!


   Many people today are saying hell is not real. How could a good and merciful God put people in a place that will punish them forever and ever?

   There are many authors writing books about the lie of hell, the doctrine of hell, the truth about hell etc. The truth is hell is as real as God.

   Many do not believe in God and many believe but do not serve him. So for people to deny hells existence is no shock. The sad truth is that those that say hell is not real are doomned to find out that it is real the hard way.                                                                                        


   To understand why people fail to believe in hell we must dig deep into the reasons that make them blind to the truth about hell. First no one really wants to go to hell, the real one, if one says they do they are not thinking of the real one but an imaginary one that suits them.

   The real hell is not to be desired. Let's take a close look at the real hell. The real hell is a place of torment. eternal torment, a place of torture a place of pain that does not go away in time.

   It is a sealed chamber with a gate that is a one way door. It is a prison and it has levels of punishment. From outer darkness to unquenchable flame. Christ preached more about hell than anything else and now today it is the least thing preached.

   Christ said that those that knew not Gods will and commited sins and went to hell would suffer few stripes in hell, and those that knew Gods will and commited sins and went to hell would suffer many stripes in hell.


   There is a lot of mystery about hell and God has revealed it more and more in these last days. First no flesh can survive in hell as there is no water in hell. Those that are there now today are spirits with no body.

   This is how one can exists forever in hell, as our spirits are eternal beings designed by an eternal God. A million years from now we will exist either in heaven or in hell.

   Now to understand why people cannot believe in hell. Hell is punishment for sin, God has a kingdom, he is the King and we are his people and his children. He is the Father and he is good and right, he does no wrong. His will is right and it is the law of his kingdom.

   When we disobey our Father in heaven we sin against him and he must punish this sin as he could have no ground to make a law in which some could break and some could not. He is not a man that breaks the law and let's others break it also while condemning others to hell for breaking the same law.


   He is just with no respect of persons based on color, culture, tongue and gender etc. when one brakes a law they are punished according to their knowledge of the law, if they did not know the law they are punished with few stripes. If they knew the law they are punished with many stripes.

   Like a father punishes his children in which he loves, if the child did not know his will and did something against him he would punish that child with a little pinishment. If the child grows up and knows his fathers will and breaks it he is punished with many stripes or a greater punishment.

   We punish criminals today for a wide variety of crimes. And each has its punishment. Does God look down from heaven and say I do not know how loving people could put people in jail and even for life. No he does not, for he knows well about justice.


   Will Satan stand before An Almighty God that proclaimed long ago thou shalt not! And if you do thou shalt surely die! And say I do not understand how a loving God could punish one as I, one that murdered countless fathers and left their children fatherless, one that murdered countless children leaving their parents to grieve a lifetime. One that broke every commandment of God countless times and laughed at this so called loving God to his face as I murdered his only begotten Son on a cross two thousand years ago?

   No he will not, for he knows his fate and he is not ignorant of Gods will and the penalty for breaking it. So why do people not believe in hell? the same reason that they do not believe in Jesus Christ as the only way to heaven, they do not want someone else in charge of their salvation.

   They want total control over their lives and they want control even over God himself if possible. They want to be like the most high, with all bowing down to them even the angels of God at their footstool. As lucifer also desired to ascend into heaven and be like the most high, but God said to him How art thou fallen from heaven!


   The truth about hell and those that deny it is this. They do not want God telling them what to do, when to do it and how to do it, and if they do not his will they will burn in hell forever and ever. so to justify themselves and their evil ways they must condemn God or his hell.

   Saying there is no hell will not make it go away, like saying God does not exist does not make God a lie. How do we convince the doubters that hell is real? We live a righteous life and serve a righteous God and preach about a place called hell like never before, do something that few do today, warn the world of a place called hell, Jesus did so long ago and look at his reward...

   He ascended into heaven and he is like the most high God and wears a crown of gold and is called the King of kings and Lord of lords and every knee shall bow to him and he is someone that pleased his Father well, so preach the gospel and warn the world that hell is real and that the judge of the whole world is coming soon! to save the obedient and to destroy and send the disobedient to a place called hell!