Jesus is the Father


   Many people understand that Jesus is the name of the Son of God, but they do not understand that Jesus is also the name of the Father and the Holy Ghost. Jesus said that I come in my Fathers name, and if we look for the meaning of the name Jesus Christ it means Saviour Anointed One. God said that he was and is the only saviour as stated by the prophet Isaiah, there is no saviour to my right hand or left.

   God is the only Saviour, and his name is Saviour and Jesus means saviour. A lot of people think that the name Jesus Christ is only for Gods Son, but even in the book of revelation it says that Gods new name is Jesus Christ. We cannot seperate God from his Son, and by saying that the name Jesus Christ is not Gods name is a lie.


   Satan has tried for thousands of years to seperate the Father and the Son. They are one. I say that Almighty God died in the flesh two thousand years ago, and Almighty God saved us by his shed blood. When Phillip asked Jesus to show them the Father, Jesus looked at them and asked them if they knew him?

   Jesus said that when you look at him you look at God. Jesus was no less God Almighty, the Everlasting Father than the Holy Ghost. Jesus is God. And one more thing about Jesus being God, There are not three spirits of God that are Almighty God. we may think that Gods Spirit is an individual personality other than God the Father, but no where in scripture does it say Gods Spirit and the Father are two different persons.


   There is only one Holy Spirit of God that is God. There are not three spirits of God that are God. As one of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. And because there is only one Spirit that is God, that same Spirit is the Father and God himself. Many also think that the Holy Spirit has no form or shape, this is heresy and a lie, he has an image and we are made in his image.

   Another lie of man, is that the Holy Spirit descended in the shape of a dove, No where in scripture does it say this. It says that the Spirit of God descended as or like a dove. Gods Spirit has wings like a cherub and if you saw what John saw you would have seen Almighty God descending from heaven with wings and if you saw God descending from heaven your description would be I saw God descending from heaven like a dove.

   So the dove part of that scripture was only a description of God descending from heaven. The Holy Spirit and The Father God who is Spirit for it is written God is Spirit and those that worship him must worship in spirit and in truth are the same Spirit. There is not two Holy Spirits one of the Father and one of the Holy Spirit, there is only one Spirit that is Almighty God.


   The misconception that there are three persons in the God head comes from the scripture there are three that bare record in heaven the Father, Word and Holy Ghost. No where does it ever say there are three persons that bare record in heaven.

   Let me enlighten you about the power of Gods Spirit. He can sit upon the thrown of heaven and call himself God the Father and at the same time inhabit every angel, man, woman and child in heaven and earth, and be in every place imaginable at the same time. He can pray for us on earth to himself in heaven.


   Most think of Gods Spirit as a servant of the Father doing his bidding etc. but in truth the Holy Spirit is the Father and God and to seperate him from the Father or God as two persons is a lie of pagan churchs that know not God or his Spirit. This is why there are so many misconceptions in the churchs today, they are filled with the worlds thinking, the world has a church as Christ has a church. One is a virgin and the other is a whore.

   Jesus came to teach the Jews and the world the truth and they said never has man spoken like this man, when God speaks it is not like man, for men just repeat other men over and over again. When God speaks be prepared for something new.