Force Feed Gods Word!


   This may sound kinda drastic, but in todays world, do we Gods people

actually make time to sit down and read Gods word or holy bible? I am sure

there are those that do make time daily for Gods word, but to be honest more

than most don't on a regular basis.

   I believe we can be perfect in this present world but it cannot be done without

Gods help.  I believe that making time thus forcing ourselves to make time for

Gods word is the first step to becoming perfect, if we are willing to make this

step theres hope.

   I have found over the years that the easiest way to get Gods word into your

heart and mind is to listen to it on a recording, a CD, cassette tape or even on

the computer like youtube, there are many complete video series for Gods word,

as you may already know I listen to the original KJV of the bible.

   God has shown me also that reading or hearing Gods word is not enough to be

perfect it is the first step, we can do nothing without God helping us, Christ said

that we could do nothing without him, thus that means we could not even

breathe unless he gave us power to do so.

   Gods word is like a powerful cleanser, a mind cleanser. we live in a spiritually

filthy world, and our minds are exposed to it daily, there are so many ways that

we are exposed to the worlds filth, and by filth I mean sin. We cannot see this

filth because it is spiritual, and all spiritual things are invisable to us, if we

could see the spiritual like God sees it we would be in shock all the time, because

the spiritual realm is where God, his angels and all devils and fallen angels


   So to the world this spiritual realm is foolishless, but to us we know its where

God is and lives. There is a spiritual stain on our hearts that is from sin, and it is

a filthy stain, so filthy that God cannot and doesn't allow it in his house, heaven.

  But thanks be too Christ our Lord our stain is forgiven, and washed away by

his blood that paid for our spiritual crime, sin, for as Adam and Eve sinned,

then sin passed upon all flesh, for that all have sinned, so by one mans sin sin

entered the world, and all are of that one man so all are guilty.

  Our goal as Christians should always be to please our Father in heaven, to

obey and overcome the world, and our sin. To do this we must make sacrifices

in  our life, what I mean is that sin can be fun, it can be very pleasurable, it is

like a drug that is addicting and thus without Gods help impossible to


   I used to think that by simply hearing or reading Gods word day and night,

for hours and hours at a time I would just naturally stop sinning and thus

become perfect. But temptation would come and I would fall, my sin that most

often weakened me was coveteousness. Lusting for things that were not mine

and that others had that I wanted etc.

   I fought this sin all my life, until God woke me up and told me that I could

listen to his word non stop forever and never overcome sin, I couldn't believe it

because I wanted the glory and credit for overcoming my sin, this is pride also.

we have to realize that we are not our saviours, we did not die on a cross, we did

not pay the price and make the great sacrifice, only God can have that glory


   So what am I saying here? no matter what we do we cannot save ourselves,

there is no place we can go to perfect our souls before we go to heaven, we are

saved by Gods grace and by his grace alone, nothing we do can make us perfect

without God doing the perfecting, and unless we put him first and allow him to

work through us to perfect us, we will labor in vain to overcome this world and

the temptations of sin.

  Here's the end of this message, Read or listen to Gods word as much as you can

stand it, it does have a cleansing effect on our minds, it is a mind cleaner, but it

cannot save you from sin, it cannot control you and make you stop sinning, sin

by nature is stronger than anyone under it, and stronger than any flesh it is in,

without God no one can resist it, it is the god of this world and the world is

under its power and it is a servant of sin and cannot escape its power.

   Before we were saved we were the servants of sin and we were slaves to it, we

loved it and it controlled us. but now that Christ has given us a new spirit and

washed away our sins we are no longer servants of sin but of righteousness, we

were of sin now we are of God, one was to death which is sin, but now we are of

God to life.

   To finish this message, hearing Gods words, cleanses our minds and opens the

door for God to come into our hearts and do his work, but he will not force his

way in, he will not work through us against our wills, and if we do not allow

him in, or allow him to help us he will wait for us to open that door and allow

him to work.

   The door I speak of is to our hearts and minds, in Christ God is already in our

house, our heart and mind, but he will not force us to do anything, we must give

him room to work and we must allow him to work, do we hinder God from

helping us? yes, and more than we know.

   Also he will not do anything unless he gets the credit for it, this is why so many

fail to walk on water, raise the dead, heal the sick, overcome sin etc, man wants

the glory, the credit, and the praise etc. God is not going to give man power to

do great things if he's going to walk around praising himself for it etc.

   I speak for Christians only, as God will in cases give men power to do things,

but it is for their destruction etc. In our case we can do nothing and will do

nothing unless God gets the glory and the credit and praise, it is not easy to

stand back and let God work in our lives and then give all the glory and credit

and praise to God, because it is not natural for man to sit back and let someone

else do all the work and get all the praise etc.

   It is only natural for man to want to be the man, stand on the mount and be

the one who gets all the glory, power, praise and credit, but for us to overcome

this world and do great things in God, we must allow God room to work and we

must seek God for help and ask him to work through us, to overcome this world

through us, and by listening to his word and asking him to do great things

through us and giving him all the credit and praise, things will happen like

never before amen...

                    If this message has helped you please write me a letter I would love

to know God is working through you and that you are getting victory over sin

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