and heresies...


   Today in the churchs there are a lot of misconceptions. This page will discuss a few of them in detail.

   the first misconception is that God speaks in a still small voice. To clearly see this misconception we must first see where it comes from. All misconceptions are from intepreting scripture wrong. We all are convinced that if its in scripture it must be true. But the truth is its not what the bible says that matters, it's what it means.

   Jesus often spoke in parables, because if he did not then everyone would have understood what he meant. For you see the meaning can only be found while reading in the Holy Spirit,  as Christ said it is the Spirit that teaches you all things.

   God does not want everyone to know the true meaning of scripture, this would make understanding the bible common and boring and easy to mislead others by seeming to be of God by showing great understanding of Gods word, when anyone can understand it no matter how base the individual.

   So God hid the true meaning of scripture in parables. And it is these parables that fools read and in turn teach, thus turning the truth into a lie. As Christ said they would do, the truth is any word of God and the meaning thereof.

   In 1 Kings 19: 11 - 12 we read,  And he said, go forth, and stand upon the mount before the Lord. And,  behold, the Lord passed by, and a great and strong wind rent the mountains, and brake in pieces the rocks before the Lord; but the Lord was not in the wind; and after the wind and earthquake; but the Lord was not in the earthquake.

   And after the earthquake a fire; but the Lord was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice.

   This voice came after a wind that God was not in, an earthquake that God was not in, and then a fire that God was not in, and then a still small voice that God was not in.

   God was not in that still small voice. Man misunderstands parables because he is a fool until the Holy Spirit teaches him the true meaning.

   The next misconception in churchs today is that it is impossible to be perfect and overcome sin.

   I can prove that a man can overcome like Jesus overcame this world and the proof is found in the book of Revelation 2:7 which says, He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; to him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God.

   No where does it say that man must die or wait for the resurrection from the dead to be perfect and cease from sinning. The bible says that we are not without sin, but this is a stain from past sins that will be removed at death or resurrection day. It is not saying that we are incapable of perfect obedience, for if we say we can't do this, how can we also say we can do all things through Christ?

   The other scriptures that say that we can truly overcome sin and Satan before we die etc are found in 1 John 1:14, I have written unto you, fathers, because ye have known him that is from the beginning. I have written unto you, young men, because ye are strong, and the word of God abideth in you, and ye have overcome the wicked one.

   By Gods word abiding in us we overcome the wicked one. And by Gods word abiding in our hearts we can overcome the world and sin. So my advice to all is spend more time in Gods word. How many fail to read their bible on a daily basis, and with the same breath confess that they cannot stop sinning?

   Maybe if we read or hear Gods word more we will sin less and maybe if we dedicate our selves to hearing Gods word day and night we may just cease from sinning all together, but who is willing? and if one does who will follow? and if this person does great works who will believe its God?

   You see faith cometh by hearing and by hearing Gods word. More word, more faith, less word less faith, no word no faith.

   Misconception number three is that the bible is flawed.

   Most people think that there is something wrong with Gods holy bible. The truth is that the meaning has been lost in almost every version to some degree. There is only one bible that I trust 100% and I have always trusted it and have not read any other version with the same trust.

   The original translation into English known as the King James bible. This bible was and is the only version of the bible in the history of man to be diligently compared with all scripture and anything that contridicted the majority of scripture present was thrown out. They did not add onto the bible or take away from it as some false teachers claim.

   The original languages are like old English, pure in form and unchanged by modern men. To find pure Hebrew, Greek and Latin as it was, is like finding an old English book two thousand years from now.

   The men that hate purity change it to please them, pure words are not in them nor in their books, and they mock the pure language because it condemns them for being impure.

   I believe God is able to create language in its purity and in its pure form easily translated into any language without adding onto it or taking away from it. The problem we face today is that man has polluted every language and trying to translate scripture from the very original text that was written thousands of years ago is impossible. So we have to trust that the present text is pure and unchanged or we are doomned to doubt its purity and truth, and if this happens Satan has won.

   Try holding a King James bible in one hand and walk on the water on the other if for one second you doubt Gods word as perfect. Satan has attacked the word of God from the beginning and the bible that is attacked more than any bible ever written is the Original Translation into English, the King James bible.

   It is common to hear people put the KJV bible down today, do you hear them put down any other bible than the KJV? I say if Satan isn't putting your bible down, it is not, the right one.

   I believe that if we trace the authors of the original translation of the KJV bible we will see the devil on the sidelines thinking of ways to change the type used in our bibles to make us put down our bibles as flawed. For if you examine the type used in the KJV bible you will see BOLD type in words and names of GOD and LORD or you will see italicized words that are noticable different from the rest of the words. And I believe this is an attempt of Satan to destroy man by making him doubt the perfect word of God.

   The first bible ever to land on shore of this great country was the KJV bible, It has been proven that no bible on earth has a more literal translation of the original Greek into the English language. To think new modern versions are better or purer, think again, can we improve perfect? are men ever satisfied with someone elses work? do they always think that they can improve anything made? the trouble with man is that he has sin in his heart and nothing is perfect to an imperfect being.

   An imperfect car is always being improved, by mans nature all things are capable of improvement, but I dare stand up and shout to the world, GOD CANNOT BE IMPROVED OR HIS WORD! Just accept God as is and his word in truth and faith and you will achieve greatness, you will do bigger and better things than what is being done already!

   Misconception #4:

   Some teach that Jesus died spiritually, this is heresy and a damnable lie. To say that Jesus died spiritually is saying that the Holy Ghost died and this is impossible. God is a spirit and his Spirit is the Holy Ghost and this Spirit cannot ever die.



   This heresy is taught by men who want to bring God down to thier level and exalt themselves up to Gods level just as Lucifer did and in turn God said to Lucifer thou shalt be thrust down to hell.

   To make Jesus a man is scriptural, but evil men are not completely satisfied with Jesus Christ because Jesus was God Almighty and we cannot attain this position!

   Evil men try so hard to attain the level and position of God Almighty that some do nothing more than to bring God down to thier level and exalt themselves to Gods. It is heresy and damnable to bring God down off his throne and make him equal to us it is not possible. Even Jesus Christ said that his Father was greater than himself.



   I believe that if Christ said God was greater than himself that we as men cannot attain to the position of the eternal Godhead and we will suffer eternal damnation if we try.

   Let's humble ourselves before our Father and God and accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour and by him and him alone recieve glory and exaltation to God, nothin but the blood of Jesus...

   The fifth misconception and there are many more...

   Is that Jesus became literal sin on the cross, if this were true he would have been worthy of death and damnation. His flesh was sinless as his spirit was sinless, he had to be, for no lamb with spot or defect was acceptable as an offering before God.

   When Israel sacrificed lambs and goats and anything it had to be in perfect condition without spot, wrinkle or defect. The lambs were never an object of sin, or an object worthy of death, the lamb was a pure and innocent creature that had to die, not being worthy of death and only in place of man who is worthy of death and damnation.

   Jesus became sin, what does this mean, it is like saying God became sin. It is the same thing, Jesus was not sin literally, he had our sins placed upon him, like if you were to pour something vile upon someone, it would appear that that person was vile, but remove that which is vile and underneath is a pure and holy person.

   This lie and heresy comes from the same spirit that wants to bring God down and make him a man so that man can become God. The bible says that GOD IS NOT A MAN. The Son of God is a man 100% and Jesus is God 100% but the Son is a mystery to man, for it is written, NO MAN KNOWS THE SON.


   What did God mean when he said this, it is written that no man knows the Father only the Son, and only those to whom the Son reveals him, and that no man knows the Son only the Father. The Father has not revealed the Son yet, he is hidden in the bosom of the Father only to be revealed at the last day when he is crowned King of kings and Lord of lords.

   So to say that God is fully man is heresy and a lie that contridicts scripture. Yes Jesus the Son is fully man, yet no man knows him according to scripture, And yet Jesus is fully God, which is the Father that was in him on earth. You see Jesus was one person in two images,

   The first image was God 100% the second was the Son 100% but we have not seen or known the Son of God seperated from that image that we call God, But even God said that we would some day see the Son at his right hand, there is only one person in heaven that is the Father and that is God and yes he has the wounds he suffered on the cross, amen...

   The next misconception is that man cannot do the same things that Jesus did like raise the dead, walk on water etc through the Holy Ghost. The bible teaches us that we can do all things through Christ which strengthens us. If we can do all things through Christ, what cannot be done?

   WE CAN DO ALL THINGS, THROUGH CHRIST. For anyone to say that we cannot do what Jesus did on earth does not know God or his power, and it is because they are spiritually dead. Thier knowledge is corrupted and darkened and they do not know our God. Jesus said that he did no work but the Father in him did the work. So we do no work but God in us does the work, Go ahead and let God raise the dead through you he still has the ability to do so.


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