Judging! You hear a lot now days don't judge me! and we read in Gods word judge not!

Many people conclude that making judgments on anyone (especially coming from Christians) is wrong because the Bible says ”judge not” (Matthew 7:1).

   In this world we live in there is an increasing movement called tolerance, but at the same time becomes more and more intolerant of Christians. Whether this movement includes religion, behavior, or human sexuality, there is a growing movement of anti-Christian sentiment in America and other western nations.

   Ultimately, this tolerance movement has an concept built into it that truth is determined by the individual and not by God himself. This has led many to conclude that making judgements on anyone [especially coming from Christians] is wrong, because Gods word says judge not [Matthew 7:1] Interesting enough, people that reject the notion of God or the credibilty of his word the holy bible often attempt to use the bible and its verses, but out of context, to excuse thier actions, when they are presented with the gospel and the end or punishment of sinners for rejecting it.