The Communion of Christ...

   What is the communion of Christ?

   The communion is a showing of our Lords death on the cross, every time that we partake of the communion or cup of the Lord we are showing the world how Christ died.

   Christ died by spilling his blood, and by breaking his body by being nailed to and old rugged cross. The cup that we drink represents his shed blood and the bread we brake represents his body that was broken for us.

   Christ said that as often as we did take the communion we showed his death and he said that we are to do it to remember his death. So its main purpose is to show his death and to remember his death.


   There is a way to take the communion right and a way to take it wrong. Taking the communion wrong is to eat damnation, which can lead to sickness and even in death. The bible clearly spells this out, when it says that discerning the communion or body of Christ incorrectly is eating damnation and many are sick and sleep or are dead because of it.

   The heathen that take communion incorrectly discern the body of Christ by making the grape juice or any juice that is and can be used and the bread the actual blood and body of Christ which is damnable.


   To say that a cup of juice is transformed into the blood of Christ is of satan and is heresy, and to drink that cup is saying Christs death was not enough for our salvation and we must do this one more thing ourselves in order to be saved, which is a lie and as you can see is damnable and makes many sick even unto death.

   The devil wants to destroy man and send him straight to hell. He has no conscience what so ever, and without a conscience he can as does all evil on earth, he comes to steal, kill and destroy.

   This cup is also to be taken without hunger in ones stomach, it is not to be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is for us to remember Christs death and to show how he died. To make it more than that is damnable and heresy and once again it will lead to damnation and sickness and death. As adding onto the cross of Christ as a means of salvation will and

 does lead many into hell, sickness and death...          



                   But when you trust in Jesus it leads to heaven, health and life amen...