College Readiness Program


WHO: High School Students 10-12 graders

WHAT: A College Readiness Program 


About 40 percent of traditional college students take at least one remedial course to prepare for college-level coursework. According to scholars and policymakers, one cause of this problem is the misalignment of high school graduation standards and college academic expectations. Our College readiness program is designed in an attempt to address several problems by facilitating students’ transition to college. This program is focused on college knowledge and the enrollment process. This programs intent is to provide a base that would enhance high school students with the ability to make sound decisions about which college and potential programs to fit their need.

Our 14 week program will concentrate on teaching our youth how to create a Relationship w/ their counselor, Choosing a College, Creating a College Career Plan, Discuss the Application Process, Completing, College Applications, Testing, Financial Aid/FASFACampus Life, Applying for Housing, So you want to go GREEK!! (Divine 9, Social Fraternities), Roommates (Do’s and Don’t’s), Campus Safety, Office Hours, Syllabus/Studying, and Networking       (Clubs, Organizations).

Within these 14 weeks we will also sponsor a College Fair and a Atlanta College Tour

WHEN: September 7 - April 19, 2020

COST:  $35.00 includes T-shirt and Workbook

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