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Treasure Hall
10-24-2016 4:26:23 PM CST
At the age of 14 my mom had twelve friends and now she is friends with only three.

Keontae Thomas   Keontaethomas02@gmail.com
08-27-2016 7:35:24 AM CST
Would you vote for Donald Trump?Should taxes be increased?

Keontae Thomas   Keontaethomas02@gmail.com
05-13-2016 4:22:20 PM CST
Vote Dashun Hawkins for vice president, Larry Martin for president, and Keontae Thomas for treasurer.

Keontae Thomas   Keontaethomas02@gmail.com
05-13-2016 4:19:28 PM CST
I have Christian ethics.

Keontae Thomas   Keontaethomas02@gmail.com
05-13-2016 4:19:20 PM CST
I have Christian ethics.

Ms.Felicia   f.diggss@gmail.com
04-30-2016 2:00:44 PM CST

Madioc meeting about Domestic Violence Awareness. Taking a quiz about abuse in a relationship..

Ms.Felicia   f.diggss@gmail.com
04-30-2016 1:56:35 PM CST

Madioc meeting about domestic violence awareness.. Quiz about the signs of abuse..

Larry Martin    raggjr@gmail.com
04-30-2016 1:39:15 PM CST
Vote Dashun Hawkins for vice president Keontae Thomas for treasurer

04-29-2016 9:08:00 PM CST


Larry Martin    raggjr@gmail.com
04-29-2016 7:29:39 PM CST

"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time" FMOIG:@uoisod.ou_

Keontae Thomas   Keontaethomas02@gmail.com
04-29-2016 4:50:05 PM CST

Wassup everybody😎

Felicia Diggs   f.diggss@gmail.com
02-21-2015 10:11:48 AM CST

Hey it's time we express ourselves on the web through pics..😉☺️.., Makilah and I kicking it at the mexican restaurant last weekend for a meeting...

10-24-2014 5:51:09 PM CST
Success is Action

02-15-2014 10:18:41 AM CST
Trust God and set your goals. (Key to success)

10-04-2013 4:21:28 PM CST

Danielle Heard
10-03-2013 8:23:51 PM CST
I meant enfj

Danielle Heard
10-03-2013 8:16:13 PM CST

09-22-2013 6:12:47 PM CST

shelby   shelbyhanks91@yahoo.com
09-22-2013 3:42:18 PM CST
My personality test result was : ESFP

09-22-2013 1:12:20 PM CST

Lauran Leader
09-15-2013 12:54:22 PM CST
Mrs. Teria

Felicia Diggs   f.diggss@gmail.com
09-14-2013 11:38:47 PM CST
Typing so fast and still overly excited that I left the d off the word excited in my last post...lol..again thanks girlies...:)

Felicia Diggs   f.diggss@gmail.com
09-14-2013 11:35:44 PM CST
I'm just checking the web and I'm super excite that I had a couple of shout outs... Thanks Danielle & Shelby I really appreciate it...smooches to you both😘😘

Morgan Turner   jojo4life12@gmail.com
09-14-2013 12:09:11 PM CST
Jamarcus William

Shelby Hanks   carmenhanks@yahoo.com
09-13-2013 8:29:39 AM CST

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