WHEN:   Saturday June 6, 2020

WHERE: St. Paul AME Church 

                1540 Pryor Road

                Atlanta, Georgia 30316

TIME:  2:00pm until 3:30pm

WHY:  M.A.D.I.O.C INC. (Making A Difference In Our Communities) mission is to “restore our communities by encouraging respect, establishing ethics, and empowering our youth through education”. During this time of outrage with the multiple senseless killings of unarmed blacks due to excessive force by Police Officers that were hired to serve and protect, M.A.D.I.O.C INC will host a forum to come to a workable resolution. 

This event will be livestreamed from all of M.A.D.I.O.C INC social media outlets. www.facebook.com/m.a.d.i.o.c and www.instagram.com/m.a.d.i.o.c

Purpose of The Forum:

To have an open and honest discussion regarding Police Brutality and the disparaging treatment of Black Lives.  The goal of this forum is to live out M.A.D.I.O.C Inc.’s mission statement of “Restoring our Communities by Encouraging Respect, Establishing Ethics, and Empowering our Youth Through Education”

Topics of Discussion:[if-->[endif]-->

  ● Peaceful Protest Approach – Experienced leaders express their views on peaceful protesting

  ● Rioting Approach – Young Leaders express their views on why they feel rioting is effective

  ● Police Brutality Effects – Police Officers standing against brutality and the struggles they face

  ● Mobilization and

  ● How we move forward Q & A

What We Hope to Accomplish with the Forum:

  ● Encourage Respect: Listening to all perspectives 

  ● Establishing how to be fair to both opinions without attack as well as instilling morals

  ● Understanding/Establishing Ethics: Ethics is the branch of knowledge that deals with moral principles.  Moral principles are what governs a person’s behavior or how the conduct an activity

  ● Empowering our Youth Through Education: “Don’t be Facebook Educated: Let’s Talk Facts”.  Embrace each other’s point of view: Illustrate what has come out of Peaceful Protest? What has come from “uprisings/riots”? Is there a new way to incorporate the two and be ethical in the technique?

Long Term Goals:

Educating our young people on issues that could use their energy and empower them to get involved with:

  ● Hate Crimes Bill

  ● Prosecution and Fair sentencing of officers who have committed these murders

  ● Ban on the use of knee holds & choke holds as an acceptable practice for police officers

  ● The use of force continuum for any police department in the country must ensure that there are at least 6 levels of steps, with clear rules on escalation.

  ● Economic Empowerment Education/ Divesting

  ● Ensure that officer’s misconduct information and disciplinary histories are not shielded from the public

  ● Recertification credentials may be denied for police officers if determined that their use of deadly force was unwarranted by federal guidelines



Who:         M.A.D.I.O.C INC

                  College Park Youth Coalition

                  A.D. King Foundation

                  Legacy Movement Connection

What: Experience Beyond the Classroom

When: February 27 - March 1

Where: Tuskegee Alabama, Montgomery, Alabama, Marion, Alabama, Selma, Alabama

Cost: $365.00 per person

WHO: M.A.D.I.O.C INC has joined The Southside Multi Myeloma Support Group to walk in support of our Founders Aunt Doris Morgan

WHAT: Light the Night

WHEN: Saturday October 5, 2019

WHERE: Piedmont Park 

HOW: Visit our Team page at https://pages.lls.org/ltn/ga/Atlanta19/MADIOCInc and join our efforts today! Click the 'Join' button next to our team at the bottom of the page and follow the prompts to register.