Where I Live and What I Live For

I live in the streets I live for the moment

I strive to achieve my dreams its my life I own it

I live for my family, friends, and all that good stuff

I live where life aint been no crystal stair and surviving is tough

I live in a place i do not call home

I live for myself because I live alone

I live to make a difference to make a change

I live so close yet im out of range

Where I Live and What I Live for

I live so I can do better and be better so i can get both feet out the

door . . . . .




True friends are there when you're feeling down. They share kind words that turns your frown into a smile.

True friends are there when money is short and times are hard. They don't flunt your flaws in your face and they don't look for a friendship award.

True friends support you in whatever it is you do. They believe in your ideas simply because they believe in you.

A true friend will tell you when you're right and when you're wrong. True friends make sure you never feel alone.

Fake people disguise their selves as true friends, but God will reveal their true intents indeed.

Disagree with your friend, Get into a fight  see if that friend turns to revenge and strife.

Share your dreams with your friends, borrow some money and lend some too. Then look to see where that friend is. Is that friend with you?

Does your friend lift you up or drag you down some friends will leave you BUT a TRUE FRIEND will ALWAYS be Around.