FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)


What is Sankofa?

Sankofa is an African word from the Akan tribe in Ghana.  The literal translation of the word and the symbol is “it is not taboo to fetch what is at risk of being left behind.”

Sankofa literally means to go back and get what was taken. After the term made its way to the United States, African-American scholars coin the term to mean “remembering our past, to protect our future”.

The meaning behind the name and themes for M.A.D.I.O.C’s Sankofa Collegiate Scholarship?

 On even years the Scholarship Theme is Sankofa: Reflections of Cultural Heritage; Shades of the Past, Colors of the Present. The vision behind the theme Reflections of Cultural Heritage is to empower our youth through education. Cultural heritage is the legacy of physical artifacts and intangible attributes of a group or society that are inherited from past generations and preserved for the benefit of future generations.

Cultural Heritage includes customs, practices, places, objects, artistic expressions and values.  

Cultural Heritage produces tangible representations of the value systems, beliefs, traditions and lifestyles,customs, practices, places, objects, artistic expressions and values of the present and creatively presenting the past as a reminder allowing one to reminiscence about someone or something. 

On odd years the Scholarship Theme is Sankofa: The Ultimate Selfie Edition The Ultimate Selfie is designed to connect identities to Excellence & Achievements.  It has been stated that several studies have shown that young people with healthier identities are more likely to be successful in school and life and less likely to bully or be violent, among other things.  The ultimate selfie was created to enlighten our young people on identity as well as educating them on the importance of knowing who they are while inspiring respect and pride among participants.  The Concept of the Ultimate Selfie aligns with the goals and purposes of M.A.D.I.O.C Inc. where our mission is to “restore our communities by encouraging respect, establishing ethics, and empowering our youth through education.

M.A.D.I.O.C INC Sankofa Collegiate Scholarships are memorial scholarships that were established to honor the loved ones of our founder and CEO and support a student in need. 

How do we cover the expenses for managing the program?

Expenses are covered through donations to the Sankofa Collegiate Scholarship Fund by those that support M.A.D.I.O.C INC. and through ticket sales to the Awards Dinner and Ceremony.

We also use Direct Mailings and Direct Ask to friends and family members of (Freda and Freddie Stanley) in memory of their legacy and to others that share an interest and desire to help students attain their dream of a college education.

How will the scholarship funds be disbursed?

Funds are disbursed through M.A.D.I.O.C INC which is a federally recognized 501 c 3 program.

Allocation of Funds

Creating a scholarship takes a bit more than handing out money to deserving students. Funds are needed to cover the costs of managing and promoting the program (paper applications, online, website maintenance, etc.) These expenses are covered by donations to our general funds and fundraisers.

Scholarship prize(s) are directly from monies raised and identified as such by the donor as well as from our general funds and fundraisers.

The Criteria

Our Scholarships are awarded based on merit (grades), need (income), creative content, and Community Service. Our criteria is objective and nondiscriminatory, recipient(s) are selected from a group of unbiased affiliates of the organization.

The Application

You can submit your application online or through the mail. The application is short and to the point. However, research for the essay and the power point presentation is a little more time consuming.

The Deadline

The deadline to apply is June 15. The application will be open from April 15 to June 15. The applicants will have 60 days to review, prepare, and apply for the award.

We will announce the top 12 on July 1st and the winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony.

The Winner(s)

There is a grading rubric to ensure consistency among the reviewers and provide evidence that there is a specific criterion for selecting our winner(s). Once the finalists are chosen, he/she will be notified by email and/or phone.

The Scholarship Award

We trust that the funds awarded are used for educational expenses, therefore, the scholarship funds are given directly to the student.