MADIOC INC started in 2004 with 12 members all female

In 2006 MADIOC added 4 males to the program


M.A.D.I.O.C. Future 2022-2023

  ● (1) High School Seniors (Azriel Melvin)

  ● (1) High School Juniors (Kamari Thomas)

  ● (1) High School Sophomore (Hannah Melvin)

  ● (1) High School Freshmen (Kamryn Williams)

  ● (6) Middle Schoolers (Tareze Carithers, Rickey Williams, Nehemiah Melvin, Zaire Middlebrooks, Nalim Langford, Nique Hurdle)

  ● ​(3) Elementary School (Leah Langford, McKenzie Langford, London Langford)

M.A.D.I.O.C 2022

(1) High School Graduate (JaQuez Benham)

(1) College Graduate (Felicia Stanley-Johnson, Master in Business Administration and Management)

M.A.D.I.O.C 2021

(1) College Graduate (Bria Stanley Master in Conflict Resolution)

M.A.D.I.O.C 2020

(3) High School Graduate (Treasure Hall, Kaliyah White, Diamond Carr)

(1) College Graduate (Makilah Wells, Bachelor of Social Work)

M.A.D.I.O.C 2019

(2) High School Graduates (Summer Byars and Taynajia Humphries)

M.A.D.I.O.C INC 2018

  ● ​(1) May College Graduate (Bria Stanley B.A. in Psychology) 

  ● (2) December Graduates (Danielle Heard, Diarra Driver)

M.A.D.I.O.C INC 2017

  ● ​ (1) High School Graduate (Larry Martin)

  ● ​(2) M.B.A (Aundrea Collins) (Aryn Ward)

M.A.D.I.O.C INC. 2016

  ● (1) High School Graduate (Brionne Browning)

  ● (2) College Graduate (Malik Wells) (Justin Leverette)

  ● Malik Graduated from Savannah State University with a degree in Marketing December 2016

  ● ​Justin Graduated from Alabama State University December 2016

M.A.D.I.O.C INC. 2015

  ● Five High School graduates all graduated with a 3.0 or better G.P.A (Makilah Wells, Morgan Turner, Corneshia Allen, Kaila Peat, Tori Keenan)

  ● All High School Graduates will be attending college in the fall (Valdosta State University, West Georgia University, Columbus University, and Alabama State University)

  ● 1 College Graduate from Valdosta State University (Aryn Ward)

  ● Aryn is pursuing a Master's Degree while teaching at a Middle School in Valdosta)

  ● 2 College Graduates from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (Charles Heard and Chelsea Heard) 

  ● Charles Heard and Chelsea Heard graduated College and are now officers in the United States Navy

 M.A.D.I.O.C. INC. 2014

  ● Four High School graduates all graduated with a 3.0 or better (Desiree Gadson, Danielle Heard, Zaire Langford and Bria Stanley)

  ● All four high school graduated will be attending four year colleges in the fall (Savannah State University, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, Georgia State Unversity and Georgia Southern)

  ● 1 College Graduate from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. (Aundrea Collins)

  ● Aundrea graduated College Magna Cum Laude (Intern in Hawaii and Germany as a Youth Counselor)

Original Members

  ● Brown, Shameka

  ● Brown, Tameka

  ● Collins, Aundrea

  ● Culbreath, Brandi

  ● Godfrey, Lucky

  ● Heard, Charles

  ● Heard, Chelsea

  ● Johnson, Angel

  ● Leverette, Justin

  ● Ottison, Troya

  ● Pinson, Cachet

  ● Stanley, Jordan

  ● Sutherland, Steveni

  ● Wells, Malik

  ● Zachary Meioshia

Out of the 16(Boys and Girls) original members

  ● 12/16 stayed active three (3) years or longer

  ● 12/12 stayed active through age 18

  ● 9/12 stayed active the whole six (6) years

  ● 8/9 graduated high school

  ● 6/9 graduated high school with a 3.0 GPA or better

  ● 6/9 have been accepted into the college of their choice

  ● 4/9 have all received an academic scholarship

  ● 1/9 received the Gates Millennium Scholarship for a full ride through any college of her choice. This also includes tuition, books, and housing expenses paid. This prestigious award is awarded to students with 3.3 GPA's or better who have demonstrated leadership abilities through participation in community service, extracurricular or other activities.