M.A.D.I.O.C. is an acronym for Making A Difference In Our Communities

M.A.D.I.O.C.  Inc. is a youth outreach program that specializes in Mentoring, Tutorial, and Life Skills Training.

M.A.D.I.O.C. Inc. was started fourteen years ago by Felicia Stanley and Tierney Williams two young women that saw a need for a community outreach program started by and ran by people from the community.

M.A.D.I.O.C. Inc. purpose is to rescue our youth from the distractions of the streets




To Restore our communities by encouraging RESPECT, establishing ETHICS, and EMPOWERING our youth through education.



M.A.D.I.O.C. Inc. objectives are:

  ● To provide a safe structured environment for teens

  ● To provide tutoring, guidance, and life skills training

  ● To provide a positive alternative for teens and parents.

  ● To decrease probability of teenage pregnancies, drug abuse, dropouts, and violence.

  ● To promote spiritual and ethical principles within the membership and local communities.

  ● To train respectful, articulate and intelligent leaders.


M.A.D.I.O.C INC focuses:

50% Prevention & Intervention

20% Community Service

15% Job Training and College Readiness

10% Tutorial

5% Other Issues



         M.A.D.I.O.C. Inc. is 501 (c) 3 tax exempt. Prior to receiving it's 501 (c) 3 funding has been provided out of pocket by the Mentors, Board of Directors, Game Plan Entertainment and members of the community.