● Health Fair

  ● Visit National Civil Rights Museum (Birmingham AL)

  ● Visit National Civil rights Museum (Montgomery AL)

  ● National Underground Railroad freedom Center (Ohio)

  ● Visit Sixteenth Street Baptist Church (Birmingham, AL)

  ● Selma II Montgomery Bridge Crossing Commerative Activities

  ● Spring Break College Tour (High School Juniors and Seniors only)

Community Service

  ● Served food to the homeless

  ● Played Bingo with the Seniors at the nursing home

  ● Song to Seniors at the nursing home

  ● School Supply Give-Away

  ● Act in an Independent Film called "Valuable Lessons"


  ● Old Skool Concert

  ● Youth Gospel Explosion

  ● Bake Sales

  ● Car Wash

  ● Showing of Independent Film "Valuable Lessons

Life Skills training Topics

  ● Mock Interviews

  ● Self-Esteem

  ● Peer Pressure

  ● Dating Violence

  ● Religion

  ● Respect

  ● How to be a leader

  ● How to be a friend

  ● Gangs/ Gang Violence

  ● Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude

  ● Etiquette

  ● Teen Sexuality (STD's, Birth Control, Pregnancy, Straight, Gay, Lesbian)

  ● Suicide

Just For Fun

  ● Sleepovers

  ● Spring Break Trips (South Carolina)

  ● Hawks Games

  ● Bowling

  ● Skating

  ● And much, much, more