My collection spans 30 years now....I need a bigger room in my house! I'm a fan of Classic Star Trek: the Original show ("TOS") that aired in the 60s and the 6 movies the show spawned. So that's all I collect -- the Shatner/Nimoy version!

A Spin Around the Room......











the Center Isle....


Purchased one of those retail store "spinners" off ebay for all the Mego and 4.5"/5" Playmates TOS action figures -- Rare smaller TMP Mego alien and crew figures, larger Mego Romulan and Andorian figures in fan made boxes and all the smaller TOS 4.5"/5" Playmates action figures, Playmates Transporters and Diamond Select Minimates (click for larger images)


Delta-shaped Timex store display with a Trek Watch; Franklin Mint: tankard, Kirk & Spock figural mugs, FM Transporter globe, Kirk and Spock Nutcrackers, Kurt Adler Spock Tribble Christmas ornament


Even the Closet is stuffed!


Mego Bridge Playset, Art Asylum & Diamond Select Enterprise ships, various Playmates items, and all issues of Starlog, various Trek magazines and Kirk STV standee

Descriptions and more detailed photos....

(click for larger images)


Knickerbocker Spock & Kirk dolls, Playmates 12" Masterpiece Kirk figure, Canadian Trek Cereal boxes, Hamilton porcelain dolls (white boxes), Trek Barbie; Kirk & Spock sericel


Playmates 9" action figures, including all special editions from K-Mart, Target & Toys R Us; Art Asylum & Diamond Select action figures in single and 2-packs


Rare Item!  Palisades James T. Kirk and Gene Roddenberry 35th Anniversary set.  It was never produced but this is one of 12 samples made.  Too bad they never released it, it's a nice piece.  One of my rarest pieces!


#1) Diamond Select Amok Time 3-piece diorama; Franklin Mint Tribbles Diorama; Susie Morton mini-plates; #2)Kurt Adler Spock Tribble 2008 Christmas ornament and Playmates Latinum Edition cold cast resin Kirk statue; #3) Franklin Mint 3-D Chess Set on Franklin Mint officical (rare!) display stand for Anniversary Chess Set; #4) Franklin Mint Tankards and 2 LMH Production Lighted Film Cell Plaques (1994) -- COTE & Amok Time (signed by Shatner & Nimoy) episodes


#1) Aladdin Dome Lunch box with Thermos, STTMP Lunch Box with Thermos and Canadian Lunchbox; all TOS Hallmark Christmas ornaments; #2) Bradford 3-D plates of Kirk, Spock & McCoy, clock and con photo of Big 3 

Assorted goodies:  belt buckles, watches, figural mugs, fast food cups & wrappers, party decorations and plates, China set, plates, medallions, soap, keychains, cards


PEZ, 3-D Bird of Prey plate; Kurt Adler Kirk & Spock 2008 Christmas Nutcrackers, Franklin Mint Globes (Tholian Web & Immunity Syndrome episodes)


USPS First Day Framed Stamp Edition signed by Shatner & Nimoy, mini vinyl crew figures; Diamond Select retro Mego releases (Romulan & Mugato pictured); Diamond Select Gold 1701 Enterprise; Illusive Concepts Talosian Bust  


Franklin Mint Pewter Spock statue; Episode pin collection; Franklin Mint Matt Jefferies Bronze statue, 1701-piece limited edition; Franklin Mint TOS Globe set & Official Display


Original Mego action figures unopened -- Spock & rare Talos & Neptunian Aliens plus Andorian & Romulan in fan-produced boxes that mimic older Mego style packaging done for other product lines 



#1) Original Mego action figures and TOS Movie plates; #2) Assorted Trek toys from 60s-70s (communcators, pinball, Dinky Enterprise, Trek Game) and TMP, comic books and Vegas chips; #3) Franklin Mint Insignias, Creation Las Vegas gold souvenir coins, Silver TOS coins of Crew and Hilton gambling chips; #4)Collection of 3-D Plates -- Klingon Cruiser, 1701 Enterprise, Romulan Bird-of-Prey and Galileo Shuttlecraft 



#1) Playmates 12" TOS figures (on top), assorted books and collector card volumes; #2) cool Neon Star Trek sign found on ebay; #3) "Spock" license plate out of Kentucky ; my current "4STRTRK" plate (below). 



TBE Collectibles Train Set -- so far Engine with 3 character cars (cast, Kirk and Spock) 


#1) Upper right corner on wall is Danbury Mint Display with figures; #2) Franklin Mint Anniversary chess set; and below #3) a close-up of the Danbury Mint display & figures; FM Chess set and official stand 


#1) Assorted toys, Kirk & Spock posters and ties; #2) STV resin statues, Pewter statues, Tankards, Spock Teddy Bear & hats, Johnny Rocket ships


#1) Vinyl figures, Art Asylum/Diamond Select busts; #2) Franklin Mint Checkers set with rare round glass board


#1-2) Illusive Concepts Spock Bust, Franklin Mint Crystal Entprise, Franklin Mint "Beyond the Final Frontier" statue, Lighted Crystal Enterprise globe,  TBE Enterpise lighted Glass Block,  Franklin Mint Pewter Spock statue, Star Trek telephone; #3) Franklin Mint: Enterprise and TOS Pewter Enterprise, Galileo Shuttlecraft, Klingon and Romulan ships; #4) Star Trek Desk Lamp 



#1) Applause, Enesco, Franklin Mint, Playmates and TBE Collectibles assorted dioramas; #2) Franklin Mint Talking Plates, Diamond Select 3-piece Landing Pary diorama, Franklin Mint Legends Collection Kirk statue (Kirk in crystal chair and Franklin Mint TOS Phaser & stand   

Star Jars Star Trek Cookie Jars -- these are the #1s in the series!

Autographed plaques:  #1) Spock's family signed by all (charity auction at Las Vegas Creation Con 2007); Mirror Mirror photo signed by Shatner & Nimoy; #2) TOS & Movie era signed cast photos by QVC & Scoreboard

Wish List

A full scale replica of Kirk's TOS captain's chair! Sadly, it's about $2700!


I've always wanted a Star Trek Pinball machine. If only I had the room for them!

And for the after life....