The evolution of my home in pictures.....always fiddling with something!

More current photos (2004-2011)



Summer 2007 — Installed this beautiful security door so I can take advantage of the lovely cross breeze with the ones I installed on the backs doors when I first moved in.



Spring 2009


3/09 -- Installed Rolling Shutters to thwart future break-ins, storm damage and added bonus of energy efficiency (significant savings last 2 years!) and privacy


Above -- sidelight at front door, 3 hallway windows done with 1 shutter and control panel

Shutters can be left open while down, letting in view and light while still providing safety, privacy and energy efficiency





4/09 — Added matching window guard after window was broken 3 times -- monsoon storm, kids throwing landscape rocks and finally a burglary attempt. (Originally planned on roll shutter here too (see below) but arch prevented installation. This looks so much better I think.)

They match!





Backyard -- Tipu getting tall


Beautiful, shady tree so I added a new one on the other side of yard

2011 — Updated slings for furniture

New tipu tree will hopefully provide nice shade for swing

Looks like newest Tipu (middle) survived winter's freeze

Switched to metal swing -- AZ weather was too tough on wood versions

Mission Palo Verdes in full bloom in 2010

Added a new seating area

One of Baby's pet condos in side yard (another smaller one is on patio)



3/11 — Extended same tile as in hallway/great room into guest bath, changed lights & mirrors, painted and added granite countertop & undermount china sink with new Kohler faucet



3/11 Updates to Master bath -- new tile, lighting, framed mirror, vanity with granite countertop and undermount china sink (same as in guest bathroom) & new Kohler faucet


4/11 — Shower enclosure surround changed to semi-framed & used rain glass





3/11 — Tiled and painted the laundry room and added new appliances


Used the last of the remaining tile from original build on guest bathroom so had to use smaller tiles which was probably better in such a small space. Handyman did a glass tile border to separate the transition and it turned out pretty nice



2010 — New kitchen sink and oiled bronze faucet with soap dispenser




The Palo Verde trees I planted replaced ficus and bloom with beautiful yellow flowers. I lost 4 ficus trees, 2 Queen Palms and other shrubs to the 1/07 Freeze and had to replace them. Another freeze this past '10 Winter fortunately only killed a couple of schrubs.