Crazy Cat Lady in Training

I've always had pets -- cats to be exact and they've lived long lives.  It's very sad when you lose them but then you remember all the joy they brought to your life over the years.

A stray/semi feral cat had kittens in my yard a couple of months ago. I'd been leaving out food for her and her baby daddy. (Mama Cat was a B&W long-hair; Daddy solid black short-hair.)  Found a home for Mama and the lone male kitten; I'm keeping the 3 remaining sisters -- Tess, Sweetpea & Maddie. 

Baby (14 years old), who has an ice cube fetish

R.I.P. My Sweet Pets

Mischief passed away in her sleep ....she was 20.  

                                Rusty passed away after a lengthy illness...he was 18.

Maggie, the Desert Tortorise, was sadly killed by coyote(s) that got into my yard. She was 15.