Michael Jackson....



Growing up, I was a huge Jacksons and then Michael Jackson fan. I was in my 20s when the whole Thriller madness hit. I saw Michael in concert with his brothers and solo many times. The Jackson brothers were a talented group of young men and of course, Michael was an incredible showman all on his own. Does anything beat the BAD Tour? (Went 3 times!) I was also supportive when the first molestation claim surfaced; then shocked when he paid the kid's family off. I couldn't help but think it was a huge mistake and would dog him forever. 

Life was extremely busy in the 90s with work and play and I sort of lost track of Michael and his music, and to be honest I was rather put off by a lot of his choices.  (The Lisa/Debbie/Lisa menage for one.) Then 2003 happened. I could barely follow the Trial coverage -- it was all so sensational and one-sided and he looked so destroyed as it went on -- and worried he'd be convicted simply for being "different" not because he was actually guilty. I didn't think for an instant he'd be able to survive prison.

I work in the criminal justice system and can say emphatically that the Trial was bogus after investigating just what "evidence" they had. I think that kid was a pawn of his mother and it was just an attempt to get $$ like the Chandlers. I understand the reasons for that settlement but I think in many ways it was a miscalculation. 

If you've read any bit about Michael's life, he most definitely was a victim and I honestly don't see how a train wreck wasn't going to be the eventual outcome in his case but I never thought it would all end in his untimely death.  I'm glad Conrad Murray was convicted and I hope it gives some small peace for his children and Mother. 

With his death, I've listened to some of the old music and watched the videos once more. I thought I'd post some of the photos and links to  celebrate his amazing talent.

  Liberian Girl video


 Bad video

  American Music Awards

  Bad Tour


 HIStory Tour!






25th Anniversary Motown Show



(Billie Jean at 4:00)



1988 Grammy's Awards Show -- PYT & Man in the Mirror




Bad Tour

Lovely One


Off the Wall


Another Part of Me




Staples Center -- "This is It" Rehearsal Footage




Terrible clip of the Pepsi Commercial Fire