Building a House from Scratch

In 2003, I moved to Arizona. It was a pleasant surprise to see how inexpensive AZ real estate was at the time as compared to Los Angeles (where I had a small townhouse). Here's a visual record as my home was built.

Artist's rendering of the elevation







An empty lot is transformed by excavation, plumbing and a foundation


Lumber arrives and framing begins



Electrical and ductwork



Roof tiles arrive and walls go up



Insulation is put in, front door installed and stucco goes on outside walls


Future streetscape and sheetrock is applied inside



Stucco is painted and garage door installed


Trim is painted and perimeter wall built



Walls are painted, kitchen cabinets, counters, carpet and floor tile and desk are installed


Bathroom flooring, cabinetry and fixtures are installed


Pool construction



Landscaping, lighting, flagstone and saltillo tile decking and Oak Street swing installed


Finished pool area


Flooring and cabinets installed in garage


Patio furniture and decorative security doors complete the back patio area







Home Sweet Home

 Furnishings complete the picture 







Bathrooms complete





Please visit the Evolution & Renovation page for ongoing changes thru the years....