Churchill in Manitoba, Canada 

Artic Trading Company -- a very cool local shop. I bought a beautiful poster of a bear and a sled dog playing together here.

Some sled dog puppies were outside:














Here's a bear statue looking towards the railway line.  Shipping of grain is a major focus of Churchill.














Churchill has a fabulous Eskimo Museum (click on the smaller photos for a larger image): 







 The Ice Berg Inn where I stayed in Churchill.  It had 8 rooms and was very nice.


The Tundra Buggy Fleet.  Check out the size of those tires!










Our driver/guide, Glenn -- he was great!  He has a book coming out about his decade-long experiences driving the Tundra Buggy and interacting with the Polar Bears, including a very up-close and personal event.  (To order: )


The Tundra Buggy Lodge.  It's made up of dining, sleeping and lounge cars and is towed out onto the Tundra for the season.  You can watch the polar bears all night if you like.