A Polar Bear Extravaganza!!! 

A lazy stretch. It got "hot" for Churchill on this last day with temps a bit above freezing. Bears rest and sleep a lot as a result.  Cute poses like this makes one forget just how powerful and large these animals are in reality.



Polar Bears and their many moods...


A gorgeous male polar bear stares us down

Play time!!!

















Males test their strength at this time, mock fighting. These 2 males played for about 20 minutes.  I captured the whole event on my camcorder. These are some screen caps from the footage.

Simply beautiful!









The bears spent a great deal of time "mouthing" each other as they played. You could see their breath and occasionally hear a growl.  It was easy to forget that they were 10 ft. tall when standing upright and weighed hundreds of pounds a piece.


In the most thrilling moment of my trip, a polar bear came right up to me below the observation platform at the back of the Tundra Buggy. I could have reached out and touched its head -- well, if I'd wanted to lose that hand!  I caught it all on my camcorder. (Click on the link below the photos)








     ----Close encounter video----


 This bear almost fell over from his sitting position!


 Resting after play.