We have a very big heart.  We adopt animals that people can not care for and animals that have been mistreated.

We have been doing children's parties for 26 years and just about seen it all.

Party host and not allowed to be ugly to us or to our animals before or after an event.

We are there for your pleasure, we bring happy animals. 

Animals know!   As strange as it might seem, the animals know ahead of time what kind of party they are going to.  It has been my experience that if the pony does not want to get in the trailer, this it is a clue that something is not right with the place we are going to.

When a pony jumps out of the trailer before we leave it is a sign.  One pony jumped out 3 times before we could leave, so I changed pony's....it jumped out too!   Come to find out the party host was very wicked and misstreated us the whole time we were there.

On several occasions this has happened and the same results, a party host that missed the whole point of our presence to bring a good and gentle experience with GOD' s creatures.

We bring baby animals...treat us gently, talk to us with kindness.  God is listening!