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Type of Events
  • Birthday Party Package (Pony, Minature Donkey, Petting Zoo)
  • Just Pony(ies) (2 Ponies for 1 hour)
  • Petting Zoo (small, large)
  • Jingles Za Bell Clown doing face painting and balloons only (no magic show)
  • Company Event or Other

Add Ons

  • Extra Hour
  • Extra Pony
  • Pony Wheel (accompanies 4 Ponies)
  • Jingles Za Bell Clown

DUE TO THIS TIME BEING OUR BUSY SEASON, IT MAY TAKE AT LEAST 2 DAYS TO RECIEVE A RESPONSE IF AN EMAIL IS SENT.  To get ahold of us quicker, please call 281 455 9557 to make sure that we can schedule your party and answer your questions in time of your event.  We get so busy that we rarely have time to check emails.   Thanks


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