Private Birthday Parties And Small Events

These statements are subject to change at any time

PAYMENT  Payment is DUE in preferably CASH the day of the Party or Event unless otherwise instructed or permitted by Sweetie Pies Petting Zoo.  You can pay in advance, but must consult Sweetie Pies Petting Zoo to arrange payment options.

WEATHER Sweetie Pies Petting Zoo Comes to your party Rain or Shine.  We will verify the weather to make sure it is not of dangerous conditions for the animals and participants the night before and the morning of the event.  WE CANNOT WORK IN DANGEROUS WEATHER.  You may reschedule your event or cancel WITH A 24 HOUR NOTICE ONLY.  Please see our Cancelation Policy below for more details.  We will verify whether or not you want us to come the Morning of the party with our "Good Morning Call".  If you request us to still come, once we leave our Premisis, you are responisble for the payment of the party due IN FULL even if we cannot work the animals at all.  This also means if we start to work in questionable weather and forced to stop, YOU ARE STILL RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FULL PAYMENT.

CANCELATIONS In order to Cancel a party or reschedule, you must contact Sweetie Pies Petting Zoo in 48 HOURS ADVANCE of the event or you will still be held responsible of paying the FULL payment.

DOGS AND OTHER ANIMALS   Please keep all household animals CONTAINED while Sweetie Pies Petting Zoo is on your Premisis.  If a dog is let loose while we are there, we will STOP the ponies until the dog is put up.  This is a safety precaution for not only our Animals, but your's and your guests. 

WEIGHT LIMIT  Sweetie Pies Petting Zoo has the right to determing if a child is able to ride the pony/ponies available at the event. 

WORKING SURFACES  Ponies may walk on all areas of grass, sand, dirt and if necessary concrete or asphalt, but only as a last resort. Steep and wet areas are not permitted.  Any area that Might have dangerous chemicals on the surface are also not permitted.

CLEAN UP Sweetie Pies Petting Zoo trys to clean the area the best we can and the way we found it before we got there. We will remove animal fecies ALWAYS from your area. 

FEEDING THE ANIMALS Sweetie Pies Petting Zoo DOES NOT PERMIT the feeding of the animals due to safety concerns unless otherwise stated.  We don't want to encourage the animals to take a chomp out of a scrumptious little finger that might be placed in front of them! 

SELECTION OF ANIMALS We select the best and most fit animals to attend your party.  Our animals do vary by the season so sometimes certain animals aren't able to attend your party.  We usually display the most smallest animals we have at the time.  If you would like a certain type of animal to attend your party and DO NOT REQUEST THE ANIMAL at the time of booking and we don't supply it at the event, YOU CANNOT DEDUCT MONEY from the amount of payment due.  PAYMENT MUST STILL BE MADE IN FULL. 

The animals volenteer to go to your party.  I have found that if a pony does not want to get in the trailer to go to your event that it knows something that we humans don' knows ....time and time again that a pony knew somehow that the party host or someone there is going to miss treat us.  I can state this for a fact.....ANIMALS KNOW

Jesus told me to tell you that if you have any difficulties or uncertainties that you are to contact him directly.....right where you are sitting.. right now!  He said, "Call upon him and he will answer!"

We are a faith based, we bring a lot of light into your space.  Our major complainer is satan who lost his hold on you and your party!

We talk to Jesus about how we can serve you ......

Jesus wants to talk with you too!  Call upon him in  your joy and troubles........He is there for you!

Blessings to you and to all you touch!


****We have the right to refuse service to anyone who is:

                                            Verbally abusive

                                            overly intoxicated

                                     threatens us over the phone

                             or endanger the two or 4 legged ones


We are a portable riding ride and pet animals at your own risk.