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We can dress them up!  Fit your color scheme! You choose!


We usually bring 1-2 Handled ponies depending on your needs. 

We encourage kids to touch, pet, and enjoy their experience they get to spend with them. 

A trained employee is provided to watch and monitor all events. Our Ponies have gone through spook-proof sessions. 

We have prepared our ponies for loud noises and music, tails tugging, object throwing, kids running, to make your experience the safest as possible!

Here are a couple of pictures of Our Ponies in Action.








 We also can bring a larger number of ponies if desired.  4,6, even up to 8!  Great for company picnics and church outreaches.  We have a pony wheel that can be set up practically anywhere and accompanies 4 ponies at one time.


A hand sanitizing station is also available and encouraged after rides.

Check the pricing and packaging page for more details.