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Featuring Jingles Za Bell!

 Face Painting and balloon animals! Fun for ALL!

My name is Jingles Za Bell and I am a clown! I would love to be apart of your childs party and my joy to everyone! Doing face painting and balloons only.


I can do face painting, and even tea parties! Its GREAT FUN and the kids always seem to enjoy it. I bring fun outfits, plenty of balloons for balloon animals, and many other exciting things.

    The real show of magic is in the heart....the respect you give your mate...the love you give your child as you hold them, talk to them and share tinder moments with them... bond with them.

 The magic happens with friends when you have them over to share a blessed event of a birth....the repeated event called a birthday.  Jesus teaches us this magic of love and understanding.  This is the true magic!  Jesus loves you greatly!  The most heavenly experience we can we share the love through our actions with our close and cherished ones as we walk our daily lives with his guidance.

All you have to do is ask him, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, to come into your heart .

He will teach you this love, the of real magic.






    Life is too short, the kids grow up too fast! Hold them as long as you can! Loving life through God's graces.  Blessings to you and yours!


My pricing for these events is all listed on the Packages and Pricing page!


FACE PAINTING! Done by Jingles and Friends