Here are many of your question answered!

Are your animals friendly?

Yes, most of our animals have been in this business for a very long time and have plenty of children experience.  Animals can make unexpected actions even having experience, so we encourage children to leave the animals on the ground and just touch.

What does your set up require?

We can set up pretty much anything you need! We have various tent sizes from extremely large to small.  It is preferred that the animals are placed on a shady grassy area so it is not so hard on the animals feet.  Our animals are placed in white lattace pens that we set up before the party and have an easy open door for the entrance.  We have small lattace for small parties and Large lattace for the bigger events.  Set up usually takes 10-20 minutes with a small party.

My back/front yard is TINY!! Can i still have a party?

YES! We have yet to find a yard that we cannot setup.  If you lack space, Ponies will walk up and down sidewalks! We can also place a tarp on the concrete for the animals.  We have been in MANY different neighborhoods! Let us know your needs and we will make it work.

How many Ponies should I have?

How many ponies you need depends on how many guests you have attending your party and how often you want them to have a pony ride. A general rule of thumb is that 1 pony can comfortably handle 13 guests in one hour, each riding a minimum of 2 times. The most fun is of course at least two ponies as the children love to ride at the same time as their friends.  Please contact us to discuss your function and together we can figure out what you need to best entertain your guests. Ponies are a great birthday party idea.

What type of risk is there?

There are always risks associated with animals, and we ask all of our customers to agree to
that fact.   Animals can be unpredictable in some circumstances,  All of our ponies have
undergone extensive training and "spook proofing"   and ridden frequently by our own
children to provide you and your kid with fun birthday party entertainment.

What if it is raining?

Doesn't stop us! We have plenty of tents to set up and can even discuss options such as a garage or another building that can accomedate us.  If it severe rain or whether we can reschedule.