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Our zoos are contained in a white lattice pen as big as needed.
All sizes available. 
If your party or event has rain in the forecast, don't worry we have plenty of tents to set up. 
Babies are seasonal. 
Some animals only run at certain times of the year so please make sure to ask what we currently have running. 


Our animals are all kid friendly and love to be petted!  The baby animals get accustomed to the children in the pen and do not mind.


Petting Zoo Options:

Small Zoo




Please Call to inquire what animals we currently have available!


Large Zoo

For Fairs, Events, Schools & Festivals:
The Large Zoo accomedates All!  We combine the variety of all of our animals to create the Ultimate Zoo!  Our Pens are large enough to accomedate a large classroom of children with easy access doors for entry and exit.  We provide large tents overhead for shade and convience as well as a hand washing station and trained prepared staff. 

 The amount of animals DOES depend on the season.  Keeping the size of the animal below your knees,  animals are rotated out when too tall.  More of our exotic Farm animals that we would not normally take in our small zoo can be found in our large zoo.  If interested in a more exotic animal range, please be sure to ask what types of animals are available. 




Kids love to go into the petting zoo and pet the animals.  We have a sanitizing station set up and encourage kids to use it after playing with the animals.  Check the pricing and Packages page for pricing.

Being a mother of four, The health and safety of the children is just as important as the health and wellness of the animals!