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Ok, Here's Where I Have the Honor of Telling You ALL MY BUSINESS. (And Yours Too!)

'If You Have an 'Upcoming Event,' Please Tell Us, (Nosey-As-We-Are) so we can get 'Downright-Dirty' and put 'ALL YOUR BUSINESS' in the Streets!'  'We're GOOD At It!'  Since 'WE' have No Business Of Our Very Own Anyway, we figure We'd get in ALL of Yours. Besides, We are happy that we get PAID to be Nosey! So let us tell all your Business 'Like the Tattletales We Are,' and Watch your Business Grow!

AUTHOR/ACTOR, Alfonso Burney has copies of his latest Work, "IT WAS ALL A LIE!'" along with, "BUTLER & 18TH STREET." Mr. Burney is establishing himself and is being herald as one of the Premier, Fiction/Erotica writers of our time.  Just When You Think You Can Trust The One You Love... Wait 'Til You Find Out that Throughout the Years, "IT WAS ALL A LIE!"

                         'It Will have You Slappin' Somebody Silly!'


Author, Mitch Williams Novel, 'BURIED ALIVE!' is out, and not wasting time, he's already doing booksignings. If you'd like to hear the true testimony of Mr. Williams, schedule him for a signing in your city now as he will be touring and signing autographed copies of his debuting novel, 'BURIED ALIVE.' 


If you are in the NC or NY area, and like to be Promoted, call Promotor, Lee-Lee, of LEO'S PRODUCTIONS. Leo's Production reserve the right to be selective. For Info, Contact, Lee: 828-221-6968. Established Promotor Lee-Lee, is Well-known for her Expertise in Promoting the finest and best Talent and Professionals. Her Extensive Work includes Venues all throughout the most Established parts of NY and NC. 


BURNSBOOKS would like to WELCOME one of the Greatest Voices of American Literature, and of our era today, Author, Clevette Harris. This acclaimed author uses her insight as a 'Living Testimony' for GOD's Awesome Powers. Her Inspirational books, 'Through The Storm,' 'After The Storm,' and 'Blessed Assurance,' is Avaliable NOW! Please go to for more information. Ms. Clevette Harris is also avaliable for Booksignings        


BURNSBOOKS Would like to EXTEND it's hand to WELL-RENOWN AUTHOR/SPEAKER/PUBLISHER (and fellow Miami-ite) ANGELA M. THOMAS, of Angela M. Thomas is the Nationally Famous Author of four Inspirational/Motivational books, including, 'Cried My Last Tears,' ''When Life Pushes You To The Edge,' Clipping Away At The Soul of Me,' and 'This Is Not My Life.'  These books of Inspiration will guide you though life's daily struggles and Empower you to Greatness within Yourself. A True Soldier of The Arts, Angela is a Cornerstone in the Community of Dade County. This Author is presently holding engagements for booksignings. Please contact Angela at for more information.   



The following information will change your life drastically.

 Prolific Author/Director and Casting Agent to the Stars, Tracey Moore, will hold her booksigning Soon. Don't Delay.... Get In Today! 



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Go Ahead... Tell Us, We Just LOVE Telling People about you Anyway!  Besides, If We Had Business of Our Very Own, then We Wouldn't be All Up in Yours. So give us a Call, We have Nothing Else to do. We Love to Talk! And We Love putting Your Business In the Street!

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