Actor, Author, Screenwriter / CEO/Publisher of Burnsbooks Publishing.

Alfonso Burney is the Published Author of the novels, 'Just Between Us,' 'Butler & 18th Street,' 'It Was All A Lie!,' and 'The 'V' Whisperer.' Mr. Burney has successfully received raved reviews Internationally. He is the creator of the Poems, 'Butterfly,' and 'Pleasure Sensual.' Mr. Burney is also the 'Brainchild' of Parent-Company, BurntOut Project.

This Writer takes everyday situations and gives you a strong story, written with a fresh, young, innovative approach that we're sure you'll enjoy, and one that we believe will enhance you to read again and again and in the years to come will become a favorite in your Collector's Item. Mr. Burney has been a successful Author and Publisher for the last Eighteen years and has helped several debuting authors to make their mark.  

Mr. Burney has spent his career in the Acting and Entertainment field. For the past fifteen years, his Acting Credits includes being Featured in many films, a few of them being,'The Operation,' 'Family Shield,' 'Leap of Faith,' 'April Fool's Day,' and 'Blood Done Sign My Name,' 'Stomp The Yard - 2,' and Tyler Perry's, 'Why Did I Get Married Too.' He has also been Featured on Several TV Shows, among them, 'Crimestoppers-Dallas, Ft. Worth,' 'Crossroads-Charlotte,' 'Wishbone,' and 'Walker, Texas Ranger,' as well as Commercials for 'NASCAR,' 'Bojangles,' 'Radio Shack,' and 'Miracle-Ear Products.' He has also done Prints for Pepsi-Cola.

Mr. Burney holds his first Degree from the Prestigious and well-renown, K. D. Studios - Actors Conservatory of the Southwest, located in Dallas, Texas. He received his degree in Performing Arts, under the famed and renowned International Modeling & Talent Agent, Kim Dawson.

Later, Majoring in Criminal Justice Administration, he received his second degree at El Centro College, in Dallas, Texas. Afterward, Mr. Burney graduated, receiving his (TCLEOSE) Peace Officer I, II, & III Tactical Training Certification from the Eastfield College Law Enforcement Police Academy, Mesquite, Texas, where he also Successfully Passed his Training in Intermediate Fingerprinting from University North Texas (UNT) Denton, Texas-Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice Fingerprinting.

Born and raised in Miami, 'The Magic City' Florida, Mr. Burney was Educated at the finest and Elite High School in Miami Springs, Florida, 'Miami Springs Sr. High School,' home of 'The Golden Hawks,' where he was a stand-out student and athlete, including, Soccer player, who was offered a try-out position at the tender age of eighteen as a Midfielder and Fullback for the now-defunct, Miami Conquistadors Professional Soccer Team. When visiting his home, Mr. Burney can be seen in the company of family and very close friends, who enjoy good times and living life to the fullest. He participates in going to Miami Dolphins (Football,) Florida Panthers (Hockey,) Miami Heat (Basketball,) and Florida Marlins (Baseball) games. An avid lover and Fan of Football, he enjoys watching his home team, The Miami Dolphins. Mr. Burney has always had a love and passion for the Arts, Science, and Language Arts/English, as well as Photography.

During his younger years, Mr. Burney received his first taste of professional Law Enforcement as a young member with The Miami Police Department, in the Resource Division as a Neighborhood Resource Specialist.

Alfonso Burney is the father of three sons, and one daughter, along with three grandsons, and two granddaughters. Mr. Burney is also the younger sibling of Famed/Renowned Best-Selling Author, and Radio Host/Professor, the late, Dr. Elder Raymond L-Shabazz, of  Black Lion Books, and Covenant Publications, in Murfreesboro, Tennesee. Dr. L-Shabazz is the Author of 'Seven Comforts of Being Connected With Jesus,' and 'Biblical Predestinations.' Dr. L-Shabazz is also the 2004 Winner of the Author of the Year Community Choice Award. There are also more Famous Notable Actors, Political-Activists, and Professional Musicians in his family.

Mr. Burney is also a Worthy Brother and Member of YAHWEH - Order of The Universal Celestial Lodge,' and a Worthy Brother of King James Lodge #409 - Dallas, Texas, Masonic Order

The Potentate's Potentate Is Here......... The GRANDMASTER, SUPREME ARCHITECT Of The UNIVERSE IS HERE! 


Follow Your East-ward Journey, My-Sons, My Brothers and My Sisters of The Order of the Eastern Star, and Find True Light and Wisdom that is waiting for You. Your Light Shineth Well and that LIGHT is 'The One' Promised to Us, He Is that 'GREAT LIGHT' - and even The GREATER LIGHT that He shall Light the Way of All Moral, Upright, Perpendicular and Righteous Men. Behold, One Greater than Solomon, Is Here. And it is HE that Shall Shine His Light on Men that they shall behold Him and His Glory. Behold, I Stand At the Door and Knock. Will You Let Me In? 

(Isaiah 55:8-9) 'For My Thoughts are Not Your Thoughts, Neither are Your Ways My Ways, saith The Lord God YAHWEH. For as The Heavens are Higher than The Earth, so Are My Ways Higher than Your Ways, and My Thoughts than Your thoughts.' 

For those of You MASONS, or STARS, 'Claiming' to Follow The True and Greater Light, and inwardly walk the earth to impress the nations and people because you wear a Masonic or OES Ring, be not fooled. YAHWEH will NOT be mocked.

(Isaiah 45:5-7) 'I AM The LORD YAHWEH, and there is None Else, There is NO GOD besides Me. I Girded Thee, though thou hast not Known Me. That they may know from the rising of The Sun, and from The West, that there is None besides Me. I AM The LORD YAHWEH, and There is None else. I Form The Light, and Create Darkness: I Make Peace, and Create Evil: I The LORD YAHWEH Do ALL These things.'

(Isaiah 45:11-12) 'Thus saith The LORD YAHWEH, The Holy One of Israel, and his Maker, Ask ME of things to come concerning 'My-Sons' and concerning the Work of My hands command Ye Me. I Have Made The Earth, and Created Man upon It; I, Even My Hands, have Stretched out The Heavens, And All their Host have I Commanded.'

You will not enjoy forever Hurting one of Yahweh Ben Yahweh's children in your foolishness. Mocking, hurting, slandering, and whispering lies and bearing false witness against your Brother is an abomination. You may be able to impress People, But YAHWEH, The One You Worship In Secrecy, (or CLAIM to worship in Secrecy) Shall Not Be and Can Not Be Impressed by You OR Anyone else. Your Sin of Treachery and bearing False Witness against Your Brother for a Piece of Silver coin by the hands of Man shall be Your Undoing.

Who Among You, can RAISE The Widow's Son? Who Among You? Where is YOUR Power? And What have YOU Done Righteously other than to Destroy and Murder the Soul and Spirit of the Child (Angel and Messenger) of Yahweh Ben Yahweh? Smiling and whispering, while daily conspiring to kill and backstab, again with your friends, making a mockery of His Name and His Character  - Have Your Fun. You, Joy Will, Be ONLY for a Moment.

Your Days of deceit and backstabbing Your Brother in the face of Your Friends and Enemies at your job WILL Come to a dreadful End and Your Ring (That you love to wear and display so dearly) Will mean NOTHING when His Angel says to you - 'I Know You Not! The Pain You Caused to Me, Shall Fall Upon You and Yours.'   



Yahweh Ben Yahweh IS Jachin and Boaz.... The Great Pillars.

Yahweh Ben Yahweh Is The Bible.

Yahweh Ben Yahweh IS The THREE GREAT LIGHTS! He IS The COMPASS AND THE SQUARE that you have been searching for.

Yahweh Ben Yahweh Is THE DOOR!

Yahweh Ben Yahweh Is THE POTENTATE'S POTENTATE!  You (Masons/Eastern Stars) took an Oath in Isaiah 28:15, and you're STILL paying Members Dues When (They) CAN NOT RAISE YOU 90 Degrees with the Grip of  The Lion's Paw! YOU Are STILL Lying down in The West!!!!! 


Job 32:3 Also Against His three friends was his wrath kindled, because they had found no answer, and yet had condemned Job.

Job 21:27 - Behold, I Know Your Thoughts and the devices that You Wrongfully Imagine against Me.  

Isaiah 45:23 'I have sworn by Myself, the word is gone out of my mouth in righteousness, and shall not return. That unto me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall (swear) confess.'

Your 1st to ONLY 33 Degrees only PROVE you are STILL in a Frozen State, and you're still found Dying, and Laying Down Horizontal.                                            

                                               360 is the Degree of COMPLETION - NOT 32 OR 33!

Job 29:14 - I put on Righteousness, and It Clothed Me; My Judgment was as a Robe and a Diadem. 

                                                           (Alfonso Achiyah Israel)