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Author:Raymond L. Shabazz                                                                                                     Christian/Fiction  

ISBN: 978-0-9724872-2-1

Experience the activities of five fun-loving friends, Sugar Bear, OTR Express, Christo, M.C. the Great, and Mountain Man, who were inseprarable. The Official 'Girl Watchers of Peach Valley,' as they were called, as they jaunt through the jungle on preadolescent journeys and adventures in the Deep South during the early Fabulous Fifties. Mired in cultural milieu of a racial society they nevertheless exhibit some amazing coping strategies in some very familiar ways. Whether you are being reintroduced to a historical era long since forgotten or you are seeking to learn for the first time the way things were, you will benefit greatly from their experiences. See for yourself if times have really changed in this sensational fictionalized account of the reality of life fifty years ago in the agrarian south.

Please contact Dr. Elder Raymond L-Shabazz via e-mail at for more information on this book and others. 



Author: Ruth M. Johnson                                                                                                              Fiction/African American

ISBN: 0-97-7-1071-6-7

Watching the man of her dreams wisk way on an airplane, she dares to find comfort elsewhere, until... He arrives one day and stakes claim to his Prize. However, does she share those same sentiments, after they both have that 'Some One Special,' in their lives. Can a man just come back into her life and reclaim what he felt was 'Rightfully' his? 

For more information on this Upcoming novel, please contact Ruth Johnson at . 'FLIGHT TO LOVE' makes its debut August 2008



Author: Shana Johnson Burton


ISBN: 1-601-629352

 How does a woman know when she's found the One? For Vashti Hunter, it also took being left at the alter, arrested, the other woman, and a lot of ups ad downs, ins and outs. Vashti knew something was wrong when she recieved her fiance's nervousphone calls. Her fears are confirmed when he leaves her alone and humiliated at the alter. She regains and renews her strength, vowing to be married with in the next 365 days. After a roller-coaster ride of obvious (what seemed like potentials) she finds herself in control of what she does not want in a mate, and who she is in the process. When she finally meets and falls for gentle and Christ-minded Lewis Brown, who is twenty years her senior, she accepts Lewis's marriage proposal, however, her long-lost fiance' returns, remorseful and wanting another chance, but hert heart now belongs to Lewis, however, her heart won't let her forget the past or the man who broke her heart.

For more information, please contact Shana at her website:



Author: maximum (Max) Nelson

Non-Fiction/Adult Contemporary

ISBN: 0-8059-9771-7

Second by second oratory of the Heartfelt and sympathetic story of Family Violence and how it can destroy the heart. Maximum (Max) Nelson, a Domestic Abuse Survivor, tells the horrific tale of how she coped. Share the Reality of what happened, and how Max overcame against all odds. You Will be Inspired by her Living Testimony.  

My troubles did not end with John's departure. After I got him out of my life, my young daughter talked about past experiences with her father. I found out that John had sexual intercourse with her when she was three and again when she was five. After several months, my daughters finally told me what happened while we were at the movies. He had them touch his genitals, among other things. I called authorities and nothing was done. He laughed and said the authorities would 'Never' believe the children. I was still hurt by the Sexual Assault and Family incest that was still going on. My Family had really hurt me. They tried to cover up all the lies, deceit and corruption that was done, and the corrupt lives they lived. 

For more information on obtaining this book by Best Selling Award-Winning Author, Maxi Nelson, please go to: www.maxi1032859 . 



Author: Mitch Williams


ISBN: 987-1-60530-684-1

Based on the 'ACTUAL ACCOUNT' on the footage and Climatic story of Mitch williams, of North Carolina. Working with the construction Crew, Mr. Williams was 'Buried Alive' deep underground for hours without fresh air. Only through the Power and Strength of GOD ALMIGHTY did he survive. Whaat was going on in his mind as this tragedy took place? What was on the minds of those at the Construction Site? How frantic was the scenery and what measures, precautions, deaths and near-deaths occured? Read the Transcribed words of Co-workers the Construction Crews, Fire Department Officials, as well as the Doctors, the Medical Helicoptor Rescue Squad, and others. Read the condition he was in and how he was left uncaringly, as part of the Medical doctors didn't do their part to furnish him with MRI's to make his life better, which placed him in even a greater danger, and ever since, has been an even more difficult situation which has been costly to get out of. Read how this has affected lifestyle, and how he was used by the system. This very same situation has happened to many, but Mr. Mitchell exposes some of the mistreatment that has happened to him and many others. This is one novel that is a 'Must Read!' Own your copy! 

NOTE* To Order Mitch William's debuting novel, 'BURIED ALIVE,' please call BurnsBooks Publishing Customer Service, or email us at . All information will be delivered directly to Mr. Williams.  


CHIPPING AWAY at the SOUL of ME - $ 10.00

Author: Angela M. Thomas

Christian/Non-Fiction/Fiction/ Inspiration/Motivation

ISBN#: 0-0-79185114

Burnsbooks Publishing is not only Proud, but Extremely Honored to Welcome One of It's Own, (Miami-Based, Nationally/Internationally known) Author, Angela M. Thomas, into the fold. In this Inspirational Motivational 'Work,' Walk with Angela as she Begins to Remove all the Covers that has been long Hidden, Freeing herself from Rejection, Doubt, Fear, Anger and Hurt, as she moves on with her Life, as she brings to you, 'Chipping Away at the Soul of Me.' This Door is Wide Open for you too, as she Walks you thru the 'Renewal Process.

 Angela's other 'Works' are the Best-Sellers, 'The Perfect Gift' ISBN: 0-9791851-0-6, A Valuable Resource for Anyone wanting to Achieve Personal/Business Success from seeking Spiritual or Emotional Healing, and  'Cried My Last Tears, 'ISBN: 078-0-9701-8513-7. In this 'Work,' It is a fact that We Allow Ourselves to 'Suffer in Silence and Denial.' Silence will Not Protect , Save or Heal us. Learn how to Control and Conquer Your Past Hurts.  

You may Purchase these and other 'Works' by going to . World-renown Motivational/Spirational Speaker Angela M. Davis, is Avaliable for Booksignings as well as Speaking Engagements. Angela's Invaluable Knowledge is Well-Sought after. Visit her website for all Information.   



Author: Vince Paul

(Renown Actor, Model & Talent Agent)

Non-Fiction/Professional Business/Acting & Modeling

ISBN: 0-9711893-0-7

The #1 Guide - for Launching your Career in the Commercial, Film,and Fashion/Model Industry. Are you 'NOT' getting enough work? Now you can Market Yourself to National/International Agencies. This book can also be purchased on DVD. Vince Paul, Renown Actor, and Successful Agent comes to you with a 'Easy-to-Understand' book that will make you wonder why you spent thousands of dollars when the answer was right there all along. In this book, it contains, 'The Auditioning & Booking Process in Part 1 fro Actors, an in Part 2, He Introduces you to the Modeling & Fashion Industry, taking you into the Modeling Interview with tips that you will want to use to 'Your' Advantage, to the Agency Directory, everything you need to build upon your Success. 

Order Online at or call 704.335.0027



Author: Tracey Moore-Marable

Non-Fiction/Professional Business

ISBN: 9870759661844

Tracey Moore-Marable, of Tracey Moore Casting, is a New York based, Mover and Shaker, and has cast for films such as 'Just Another Girl,' 'A Brother's Kiss,' and severl of FOX's Shows as a Casting Director. Her Casting as a Commercial's Casting Director included such notables as Miller Lite, Pontiac, Taco Bell, to name a few. Tracey also coaches Musicians such as El DeBarge (of the Debarge Family,) Faith Evans, Q-Tip, Darius Rucker (of Hootie & the Blowfish) and many, many others.

The book, The Spirited Actor,' was designed as a tool for Actors, to Inspire, Motivate, Uplift and is highly recommended for those who are becoming Actors as well as those who are serious about working in the business. You can read all about Tracey Moore-Marable and her Company. Please Contact Tracey Moore-Marable by going to . 



Author: Timothy 'Ultra' Savage

ISBN: 1-4363-2637-0


Burnsbooks publishing is proud to announce, the long-Awaited Spiritual release, 'FORTY PRAYERS,' by Timothy 'Ultra' Savage. This is a Wonderful book that places emphasis on Prayers for Daily Wisdom, Healing, Bedtime, Wake-up, and Blessings as well as Truth. The daily Inspirations and Daily Devotions are a Treasure and one that you will keep with you on your Daily Spiritual Path.

'Here Us LORD We Pray. We are the Lame, Maimed and Crippled. We are the Sick who need Your Healing. We are Your People GOD, in Need of Your Miracles. Make us Healthy by Your Power.'

For more Information on this book, please contact Mr. Timothy 'Ultra' Savage at P.O.BOX 18339  Pensacola, Florida 32523  Tel: (850) 221-0490  You may email Mr. Savage at



Author: Clarence E. Hawkins, Jr. 

ISBN: 1419658929

History/African American/Inspirational 

You are Kings and Queens, not 3/4 human as you have been trained to think. If you don't Know Your History, How can you Know Yourself? You'll eventually 'Die for Nothing' because you didn't 'Live for Something.' Be Enlightened by the remarkable book, 'LIVE FOR SOMETHING or DIE FOR NOTHING.' Created Just for You by Clarence E. Hawkins. For more, email The Professor at , or go to under author, Clarence E. Hawkins. His Contact is 808-347-7341    




ISBN: 9781418415884

Adult Fiction

Courtney Tyler and Janice Jackson have been friends for over nine years. Janice has it all, a Successful loving husband, two loving and beautiful children, and a lavishing and grandeur lifestyle until one morning, she woke up realizing that she had the children, the succesful and lavishing lifestyle, it was all still there, but No Husband! What happened? Ride on this merry-go-round experience and find the answers.

For More on this Novel and this Rising star, Nikki Milton, Contact her at . This novel is worth it's weight in Gold.





Adult Fiction 

 "Len, leave us alone!" Cecelia shreiked. You still haven't answered my question, as his face met her puffy eyes and bloody nose. He shoved her court-ordered papers, pushed her roughly as she clutched their seven year-old daughter Shelia. "Daddy, get out!" Sheila screamed, as he planted his cowboy boot into Cecelia's stomach. His actions were quick as he grabbed Shelia by her hair, dragging her across the room. "Let Her Go, Len! What's the Matter with you? What do you want, Len, What do you want?" Cecelia asked frighfully. "What do I want? What do I want? I want my life back!" he screamed. "Ok, just let Shelia Go Len."

Pamela Harwell is becoming a prolific writer of Adult Fiction. Her works with her debuting Novel, "Lost & Found" shall prove to place her in the ranks with other authors as her works will soar as time passes by, making her one of North Carolina's most Awesome Authors. For more on this novel, please contact Pamela Harwell at .  


The Soul of A Colored Woman

Author: Regina R. Hudson

ISBN: 978-0-9821241-0-9



In the Fall, There is Football on Sundays. Is that anything new? The Games are Played every Week, Even in the Winter Too! The Kickoff is at 1, But Church Ain't Done. I am leaving, Me missed the First Quarter, You must be Kidding! Others in the Pews, Yes they are Fans Too. They are Watching the Clock, and they're Tapping Their Shoes.

In Church on Sundays, I can Hardly stay Awake, I Wondered what was Wrong with Me, But I wasn't the Only One that Rushed Home in a Hurry. When Church is Dismissed, Feet are Halfway Out the Door, Everybody Scurrying to Get Home, Before the First Score.

Regina R. Hudson was born and raised in Miami, Florida. A Miami Northwestern High School 'Student Government President,' Ms. Hudson was Honorably Voted the 'Most Leadership Ability,' Award. She went on to Graduate from Bethune-Cookman College, Majoring in Political Science.

Ms. Hudson can be reached .


1878 - The Life and Times of Henry Forest

Author: R. Jenkins-Oliver

ISBN: 159232-232-8    $13.00 


(The True Artifacts written in the Actual Geechee and Gullah dialect which is still spoken today)

Based on the life and times of Henry Forest who lived during the late 1800's until the mid-1900's. The fourth son of a farmer, he was born in 1878 on a farm in Georgia. Henry was involved in a fight with a number of white men who made racist comments about blacks during the rise of the Klu Klux Klan. Shortly after Jack Johnson won the Heavyweight Championship of the World in July in 1910, racial tension ignited around the country. Wanted by the FBI and afraid of getting killed, he moved to Eulonia and assumes another name.

For information on this wonderful and emotional novel, please contact Ms. Jenkins-Oliver at this listed email site:  . You may also view it at This in one novel that you will find precious and a sureity to be on your list of favorites.



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