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THE 'V' WHISPERER                     $14.95 

ISBN # 987-1-4507-1483-6   

  What Would You Do After Losing, 'The Love of Your Life,' and, a Growing Empire Worth Over $800,000 and death seems to be a constant circle in your life? What Would You Do When You're About to lose a Young one who was left in Your Care? One Man seeks the answers, but he finds them sometimes in the Wrong Faces. Facing uncertain death again, he braces himself to be a martyr if need be. His Quest, to Ultimately Learn the age-old question, 'Who, and What, is 'The 'V' Whisperer?' 


           "I hate you just as I hate every other man."

I was startled as she drew a small pistol. "Sit down," she commanded. "None of Y'all Ain't No Damn Good!" She sat across from me as all I could do was wonder what was going on in her head.

I knew it was Now or Never as I pleaded my case. "Nothing In this World will stop me from Loving You. Not that gun, nor the bullets inside. If you shoot me, I'll leave this earth saying your name with my last breath, that's how much I Love You, Heather. But Why Am I Telling You Something You Already Know?" 

          "Liar!" she shouted. Then.......... A Gunblast! And I was hit! 

In pain and grimacing, I crawled towards her, inch by milli-inch saying to her, "I'll Say It One-Million Times If I Have Too..... No One Needs and Loves You Like I Do, Heather. No One In This World," I continued to utter, grimacing in pain.

Suddenly........... Another Blast!    





IT WAS ALL A LIE!            $14.95       SOLD OUT!!!

ISBN - 0977107159                                                



  When it comes to betrayal, where is the line drawn, especially when everyone's playing in it? Scott Roberts. a Laborer-turned-Executive, struggles as he seeks the Truth when his family life is destroyed right before his very eyes as he is mentally castrated by the One he 'Thought' he could trust. It's a Wicked thing when you learn that nearly everyone in your Private Inner Circle knew, and you were clueless that 'IT WAS ALL A LIE!' 


       "There's a fire on Monterrey Blvd. and Firestone," Sylvia says in a slow droll tone of voice as the 911 Dispatcher asked, "Do you know the address Ma'am?" Sylvia replies, "76346 Monterrey," as the dispatcher replies, "We'll have someone there as soon as possible." 

        "Take your time. I hope this shit burns to the ground!" as the Dispatcher has one more question for her. "Um, Ma'am, may I get your name please.... for Our Records?" as he is ready to jot down the information into his CAD entry log.

       "You Want My Name? Ok, I'll tell you my name. My Name... for Your Records, is 'Pissed-The-Fuck-Off as Hell! That's My Gotdamn Name!'"


Touching her silky dress, I reached, touching her nipples, fondling her areolas, massaging them, until they hardened even more. We then hugged, and I quickly grabbed her legs and thighs, placing them upward as she wrapped them around my waist. I carried her to her bedroom. Once there, I placed her on the bed as moments later, she rose, unfastened my belt buckle, unzipped my pants, watched my pants fall to the floor, then touched and rubbed my stomach. 

Resting her buttocks on the dresser drawer, but not before thrusting everything off, including her 'Highly-Expensive' perfume and toiletries, she panted hard, stating to me with a smile and glee, "Don't Worry About Those. They Can Be Replaced..... You Can't!"    




BUTLER & 18TH STREET           $14.95       Sold Out!  

ISBN - 0974690716  

(This Novel May Be Purchased Thru  as well as www.Barnes& .)   

Shawn Butler, a young 'Social Butterfly Runaway,' is introduced to the wiles of drugs and the illegal lifestyle after placing her Trust in her 'Significant Other,'  who turns her out. In order to survive the streets, she faces mental and physical abuse, rape, drug over usage, teen abuse and pregnancy, deceit, and certain death as she battles for her young life. This Novel is a book based on EMPOWERMENT and a Great Source of INSPIRATION for both young teen-age and maturing females that 'It's NEVER Too Late.' YOU CAN EMPOWER YOURSELF!'  


          "You sure those things will let you fly?" looking down from atop the sixth-floor balcony, Rick asks, taking another toke from his cigarette, smiling, and leaning back on the concrete wall of the building. Adding, "I want to fly too!"

Pushing Marsha closer to the ledge, she screams, "Come on Rick, that's not funny!" She loses her balance, and her hand grabs the edge, holding on for dear life as Rick slowly walks over asking, "You still thinking bout callin' the police on me, huh?"

           "I would never do that Rick, not to you. You know I wouldn't. I swear! Please.... help me up Rick, help me up!" she begs.

           "Ok, I believe you. hold on." He grabs her wrist tighter, pulling her up somewhat, as he smiles wickedly.

           "Thanks for not letting me fall."

           "Oh, like this!"



"JUST BETWEEN US"    $21.95  * BEST SELLER!*     SOLD OUT!!!!!

ISBN - 0741407361

(This Novel May Be Purchased Thru (This Novel May Be Purchased Thru as well as www.barnes& )


Are YOU Willing to Take a Bullet, in Order to Save the Life of Your Closest Friend? In a World Where Everyone Claims the Phrase, 'I GOT YOUR BACK,' How many of Us are Willing to Make that Ultimate Supreme Sacrifice? Are YOU - Willing to Take That Bullet?


Moments later, Elisa runs in from an escorted unmarked police vehicle. With her is the Regional Chief of Drugs and Special Investigations, Morgan Ferris. In the background, I saw as I was about to close my eyes from exhaustion, the anger and frustration of the Federal Medical Team as they gave cold stares at the Hospital staff for not assisting. I overheard one of the Speccial surgeons say to Dr. Housinger and Dr. Bernstein, "Pray that they both live, or the two of you will 'Never' practice again, not anywhere in this Country, or any other Country, that is, after you get out of Prison. If you both live long enough to serve out your time."  

A conversation takes place discreetly between Rainwater and Mr. K., however brief.  "How do they fare, Mr. Rainwater?"

                  "They both live. Jetteson lives, and Tuckerton is hanging on the border. It doesn't look good."  

                  "I want them both annihilated, see to it. Be Unmerciful!" 

                  "Yes sir!"

                  "See to it, Mr. Rainwater...... I want them dead. Both DEAD!