I know what you're going through, each and every one of you. Trust me, I really do. How can I say that when you are saying to yourself right now at this reading, "You're Not In My Shoes." Well, I've been there. I know what it feels like to have a story to tell, wanting to shout it out to the world, only to feel no one's listening. And what's worse, is that your audience doesn't know you exist, and still others won't give you that much-needed break you so need and deserve. I know what it feels like to want to write, not knowing how or where to begin, or even worse - who to ask, hoping that you're not laughed at for asking such a question. Your hopes and dreams are deminish as you hope that they're not mocking you behind your back, or laugh at your creativity as if they are GOD over the languages of the world and have Supreme authority over your creativity and creative mind. 

Sometimes, you are made to feel you and your works are not worthy to be seen, heard, or known. I know also that your mind and heart is troubled after spending countless hours, weeks, days, minutes, months, seconds and even sometimes - years, hoping to sit at the feet and or table of some high and lofty 'Executive' who knows in his 'Self-Aggrandization,' plays GOD Almighty over you just to satisfy themselves and their egos as they take great pleasure in shouting their most famous one-word slogan, 'REJECTED!'

It's a sad commentary knowing that they weren't interested in your works, to begin with, nor getting you published in the first place, just going through the formalities of making you feel so inferior that you'd believe any and everything they'd say to you even if it meant selling your soul to get published. Some invite you to their High-Rise offices for chats and meetings, and then a smile and handshake, only to build up your ego so they can easily throw you out the door. I know what it feels like because I too, didn't have thousands and thousands of dollars, but I knew I wanted to write, and I refused to give up on my dream. I know the frustrations, the agony, bitterness, disbelief, hurt, anger, grief, and suffering you go through, wondering if your works are good enough because frankly, the only person that really, truly, and honestly believes in you - Is You! 

Believe it or not - I know what you're going through and what you're about to face. No matter what you're told, keep in mind - 'YOU CAN MAKE IT, YOU CAN WIN! It is your Destiny! You will Succeed, and You will Achieve.' But here's the trick - It only takes One 'Best-Seller' to make you King or Queen of the Hierarchy.        



In the years to come, Burnsbooks Publishing seeks to become one of the Major Players in the realm of Book Publishing, and as CEO of this unique, amazing, and prestigious Company and Organization, it is my duty to deliver to you, Our Loyal Fans and Customers, the best in Fiction, Romance, Poetry, Urban Erotica, Historical and Amusement, all with you in mind.

In the Future - We plan to bring to you, our very own line of Hockey, Football, Soccer, Baseball, Tennis, and Basketball urban-gear, as well as Gift Baskets of our fine line of novels that we feel, will blow the market, 'Wide Open!' We urge you to join us in this Conquest and make Burnsbooks a part of your reading library, urban wear, and favorite pastime and interest as we will host a series of debuting Authors and Musicians as well as those who've made their mark and have their own devoted followers.    



In my lowest point, my deepest, darkest hour, I have been 'Blessed,' to run across the words and thoughts of such famous authors of our time, ones that I refer to as the 'Elite,' I feel, of our time - Michael Baisden, Michael Everhart, Ilyana VanZant, Zane, Carl Webber, Walter Moseley, Michael Guitard, Alice M. Walker, and the Great, Maya Angelou, as well as E. Lynn Harris, Omar Tyree, all who - in their own way, influenced me through their words and works when I thought there was no hope or help whatsoever. Trust me, it is not always easy nor a pretty picture to view and I'm not the one to paint that too, or for you.

However, if you're like me, and you have within the Diligence, Persistance, Drive, and that 'Hard-Work' Attitude, along with that Zeal, Zest, and that 'Burning Desire,' then I urge you to follow your heart, pursue your Goals, Aspirations, and Dreams, Follow the 'Will' of Your Heavenly and Spiritual Father, The CREATOR of All, and pray for HIS Guidance as you continue to seek HIS Blessings, and Encourage Yourself, and also - Be Encouraged. 



NO! No, I do not, and neither will I sell you on a lie that I do. I do know however, the answers are all out there. There are those that not only have the answers but have paved the way for you and me, and Believe in your works as much as you do. Why? Because they have themselves taken that long journey, and they too, have traveled that road. They too have been on that long pilgrimage, they too, have walked that long and winding road. They have been in your shoes, and have never forgotten what it took, the adversities, mockers, ridiculers, the naysayers, all those who were against them. They never have forgotten the struggles and pain that always seemed to loom overhead. The main thing here is not to give up on yourself.

Your first book may not sell well, or not at all, and even when that happens, worry not. Look at the countless authors of our time, authors of renown who before were mocked, scorned, humiliated, and ridiculed. they went - some of them, five, oftentimes ten years or more before being recognized, and now behold - their novels, their works, are now Best-sellers, Top-of-the-Line reading material, and rapidly being transferred into Films, Made-for-TV-Movies, Plays, Adaptations of all kinds, and the list goes on and on, including some of your most interesting and well-known Videos. 

Let this be a lesson of great source and inspiration to and for you. Always remember, 'When One Door Is Closed, Another Is Opened.'  



Is that you find Your Success, and whether for you it be for Fame, Glory, Wealth, or just the thrill of writing and knowing you have a Published work and knowing it is well-received, I pray for you that your works are published and you are Blessed with Success, and the Knowledge that's Gained, and the Knowledge Learned is passed on as you Forward on this Long Journey, as you too, pass this Knowledge on - Continuing Until The End of Time.

Be Mindful My Friends, We are All Travelers, trying to find our way in this vast Universe of Time, Space and Continuums, in this great vast Universe that belongs to The Great CREATOR, The Potentate's Potentate, The All-Mighty, THE 'I AM THAT AM,' The Grand Master, Supreme Architect of The Universe. In your travels, seek HIM, and All HIS Wisdom and Knowledge, and You WILL be BLESSED

To You, my Friend, I say - 'Never' Give Up On The 'One Person' Who Believes In You The Most, The 'One Person' Who Knows Your Heart Better Than Anyone Else - YOU! Treasure 'These Words,' - They Are Yours To Have, And Yours To Keep.