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 HoriSun REO Property Restoration is a Full-Service Real Estate Owners Service. We are responsible for the cleaning and restoration of property that is in Foreclosure or ready to sell. With Offices in Lithonia, Georgia, WE Also Serve All of South Florida, Georgia, North & South Carolina, Virginia and Deleware and look forward to more expansions as we look forward to bringing our services to every Major City across America.


With Customer Service being our Primary Goal, Our Professional REO Technicians are Willing and readily able to assist you in all your Restoration Property needs. We Employ Moral, Dedicated, Righteous, Upright, Faithful and Loyal Servants, who Serve not only the Most High God, but also, Serve You!


We  Also have readily and available Contractors and Sub-contractors, Professionally trained and dedicated to serving you and willing to Suit Your needs. We are totally Dedicated to You, Our Clients, to give you the most exceptional Service, Second-To-None.  These Professionals are Licensed and Bonded.  





                             Here's a partial list of our Services:



* Interior & Exterior Cleaning

* Interior & Exterior Deodorization

* Property Securing

* Eviction Services

* Landscaping Services

* General Repairs

* Rekeying

* Waste Disposal

* Carpentry  

* Clean-Outs

* Before & After Photos 






















 Let Our Experienced Building Construction Contractors change This......                          



 Into THIS....... 




 We Also Provide Landscape and Lawn Care Service 

Lawn Cut

 Small       $40.00                                                                                         Medium   $55.00 - $75.00                                                                   Large to Extra Large  $ 125.00 to 225.00


Treatment Weed Killer Spray                                                           Small $30.00                                                                                               Large $ 75.00


Grass Growth                                                                                         Small $65.00                                                                                           Large $105.00


Mulching                                                                                                  Small $30.00                                                                                           Large 100.00                                                                                    


Hedging                                                                                                    Small $25.00                                                                                         Large $75.00 - 100.00  


Total Landscaping                                                                               Small  $125.00                                                                                       Large $350.00



HoriSun REO Property Restoration Services work exclusively for Banks, Lenders, and Realtors, and Most Expecially, YOU!



                            "We Do Homes Right!"