What does Life Coaching involve?


First and foremost, YOUR COMMITMENT! We then schedule a coaching session once a week that consists of approximately one hour of your time. Sessions are provided via phone so you can be anywhere in the nation and I'm only a phone call away! From there, your coaching experience will be personalized to your individual needs.


Have you been thinking you'd really like to make some changes in your life, but don't have the first clue where to start?


During each 60-minute session we will work together to:

  • Set your intention.
  • Discover your most important values.
  • Clarify your goals and what they mean to you.
  • Listen for any inner doubts or fears.
  •  Discover if there are hidden challenges that have been in the way.
  •  Create action steps that will bring you closer to your goal
  • Inspire confidence, motivation, and empowerment!

Even Coaches have a Coach. It is an incredible feeling to have someone really listen to you.........with complete non judgment.........holding a safe place for you to see more clearly.............without a need to jump right in with an answer............trusting that you have the answer already inside of you. 

Coach Louise will help you: 

  • Move Forward.
  • Bust Thoughts.                                                                                  
  • Create Consciously.
  • Enjoy life. Stop beating yourself up!

 Like turning lead into gold.

"All that a man achieves and all that he fails to achieve is the direct result of his own thoughts." James Allen "As A Man Thinketh"


 To get started, call Coach Louise 1 -541-821-6213 Pacific Time between 9 and 5, for a free session. But I must warn you. Because of the high demand for these sessions and my limited time, not everyone will be able to get though.  But everyone will get a personal reply from me within 48 hours if you email me at Coachlouise@apbb.net or leave a message.



Live an extradordinary life vs. ordinary. Win your game.

Dare to become the best you can be Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually.



 You are so much more than merely a person, you are a magnificent being. Take flight. 

"Inside each person is a Spirit, a voice. Your inner wisdom. Once awakened, this voice will lead you to answers. Like a spiritual hotline." Coach Louise


 Coaching from my Heart, ©