Who is Coach Louise?

Coach Louise is a highly trained  certified Professional and Personal Coach graduating from the one of the top schools I.C.A. and a member of I.C.F.

Coach Louise has completed extensive courses in Relationship Coaching with Relationship Coaching Institute and Coach Training Alliance in Coaching Singles, Executive Coaching,  The Law of Attraction, Ministry  and Metaphysics


You have to have wings to fly.

"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, then you will be successful." Albert Schwertzer

Coach Louise's background includes a private practice for 10 years in Ashland Oregon as a Transpersonal Therapist, Alchemical Hypnotherapist, and Biofeedback Therapist. She has the keen ability to weave all of her former experience into her coaching practice.

She now resides in beautiful Applegate Oregon with her husband and their dog Austin. She is extremely happy, deeply in love with her husband, very proud mother of her three children and of her three grandchildren. She loves her life which besides her life works, includes : playing with grandchildren and friends, traveling the world, gardening, being creative, helping save the earth, sailing, walks in nature, making wine, and reading a good book. 

Coach Louise is also an author, radio host and loves to dance and paint. She has taught the Law of Attraction for over 30 years, starting with teaching from the little book called IT WORKS in 1977.  She also studied with the great Ken Keys and was a Living Love Vision Leader.

"I wake up every morning and greet the day with a deep feeling of gratitude, then I sing my morning songs in the shower. Before I go to sleep at night I go outside and send my prayers and energy to the Divine". C.L. 


Coach Louise's ideal client is anyone willing to be authentic, bust thoughts, and think and do things differently to get desired results. They know they have a ton of potential, but something is the way.   She often works with managers, and real estate brokers in group coaching for agency transitions. However, mostly she work with entrepreneurs (including artists), authors, business owners and those either looking for, or are in the early stages of career change.  She also works with those in the transition of establishing life coaching or similar businesses, empty nest, when the children all move out, boomers in transition, and the transitions of relationships. Indeed our wonderful planet is going though major  transitions.

Grief coaching is her newest passion. As she has personally gone through the experience of grief when her son crossed over in 2007.

 In our culture, we aren't taught how to handle changes and loss.

"Sadness flies on the wings of the morning and out of the heart of darkness comes light." Jean Giraudoux

Grief is a process, and having a coach who has had first hand experience to walk through the journey with can be extremely valuable. "Grief sucks," "Unfortunately though avoiding it robs us of life, of the now, of a sense of spirit." says Annie Lamot in her book "Tender Mercies."  "the only way to move on is to grapple with it head on, to ride all the emotional waves until they finally deposit you in a quiet place.” Linda Carroll

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