Mind Script.

If you say I can't ....... many times it is like programing your mind.  

Write your self talk in the square above, look at what you are programing in your mind.


Our thoughts create our reality and what we think about we become.

The trick is to become conscious of what we are thinking. ©


 You can change your life, you can make a transition, when you change your thoughts. 


 OK, not every little thought, but the ones we use repeatedly, the ones with feelings behind them. It really can make a difference. An example is the simple word that is used all the time Need vs. Want. When I hear a client say the word I Need to…. I listen to hear if there is a feeling of being overwhelmed, pressured or if it sounds heavy or light. If it sounds heavy then I invite the person to replace the word with I Want. 


 Another example is when I hear a limiting belief like “I am not good enough”. I invite the client to explore those thoughts, and replace them  with “what if I was good enough”. This stirs the imagination to start seeing and feeling your greatness. 




‘All achievemnts, whether in business, intellectual, or spiritual world, are the result of definitely directed thoughts….’

James Allen As You Think


 One of my favorite sayings is "Less is More". It reminds me that when I am in a state of graditude, enjoying nature and life, everything becomes so much easier. Striving for success can have a major impact on your health your relationships, a good night sleep, living a joyous life, peace of mind. .. We lose our flow. As a former Biofeedback Therapist who created Stress managment programs, I know that having an energized, balanced life is extremly important. We hear all the time that stress is the number one killer. Lets replace that guilt statement with radical self-care. This is my number one priority. 

  Understanding how our thoughts and feelings are driving us can be a big breakthrough for getting your life back, while at the same time acheiving results with less effort. Becoming the director of your life, and creating the movie you want, is exciting.

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